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  1. Have you checked the low tension supply to the coils ? also have you cleaned all the earths and the multi connectors throughout the bike faults normally occur with those with poor connections
  2. I have gone back to Shoei fro an HJC is it a case of the padding in yours needing replacement because they do shrink and become uncomfortable and noisy. Keith
  3. I have had five BMW's over the years but the last one I sold for that reason they have got worse over the years I went to Honda and I have not looked back. Keith
  4. I had this with a s/h XJ6 I bought and I used two vices one each side to bend them back,
  5. Hi All I need a little advice please, I have a Yamaha XJ900s 1999 with 44000 on the clock and when it is running on tick over there is the odd semi regular clonk from what seems to be the alternator but it goes when you lift the revs up is this normal or should I pull the alternator and have a look ? Thanks for any advice Keith
  6. Diesel is corrosive, it is ok if you want to free something off but not for what you want. Keith
  7. I ordered a tyre from a well known firm in Kent and was told it was in stock, after a week I phoned up to see where it was and reminded them that they had said it was in stock, Oh it is in stock they said in our werehouse in Spain ! it arrived three days later from Holland.
  8. 1000 miles two up ??? are you sure you are running the corect tyre pressures and the wheels are in line ?
  9. 30c up here in Norfolk too hot for me with all the gear on, put the bike away and got in the car with the air con on :-) Keith
  10. you will have higher revs and more fuel consumption for the same speed but it will excelerate a bit quicker with a lower top end speed :-)
  11. Air cooled, well the only two things I can suggest it to make sure the fuel mixture is not to weak and check the timing, it will run hotter if it is retarded or running weak, otherwise it might be as others have said you have nothing to worry about. Keith
  12. That would be a good start to check all connections first.
  13. Ok I assume the bike is water cooled ? if it is check the water pump is working correctly the rad is not blocked ristricting water flow, the thurmostat is working and all hoses are free and not blocked, if it still over heats you will have to look at the water ways in the barrel etc, oh and has it got a fan ? is that working ? good luck and I hope you find the problem, and as somebody mentioned the compression seems a bit low there might be gasses leaking in to the block ? Keith.
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