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  1. Bart mie

    Hi. I need help

    Com on...no one use that kind of bike?
  2. Bart mie

    Hi. I need help

    No. I use other battery for starter and other for the rest. Same symptoms
  3. Bart mie

    Hi. I need help

    I don't now what you mean "shutting people down" but I'm not. I'm here because from this what I now I've checked everything. Possible I missed about something. From my point only cdi unit left. It isn't my fouls that I can't bay brand new cdi. Maybe if I can and nothing will change I can say "yes I missed something". We can only support by used parts mostly. I am hire to find someone why live locally and help me to check my cdi. I think is simplest way to clarify cdi unit and not waist the time for checking good part again and again. 2 months I trying to fix this. I have nightmares about it all ready.
  4. Bart mie

    Hi. I need help

    Battery have 4 months. Ale Ready checks.
  5. Bart mie

    Hi. I need help

    Bike losing voltage at the moment when you press starter button. After few seconds voltage go back and ONE spark com's but nothing after. Coil have right resistance. I return brand new high coil back to shop after when wasn't any better.
  6. Bart mie

    Hi. I need help

    I've check everything. Sensor on crankshaft, coil, high voltage waiting, main switch, cut off switch, replace brown cable from electrical system and all connection. Was left only cdi but I allredy bay it second hand and was the same. I still don't have site that unit was good. Thanks I live in birmingham. West Midlands. Thanks. Sorry for writing mistakes but my phone is very mad. Thanks for help.
  7. Bart mie

    Hi. I need help

    Hi. I'm greeting everyone on this club. I will need yours help. I have tdm 850 3vd use it 10 months but now there is no spark. I've check everything and was left only cdi unite. I will be grateful for chance to check my cdi unite on your bike. It is 10 minute of your time. I will come with good bear ?. Many thanks for help.
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