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  1. So plan to replace my front and rear sprocket and chain on my xv125, it uses a stock 13 tooth front and 47 tooth rear, If I replace the rear with a 45 tooth, what what effect will this have on the bike?
  2. Hi I'm confused by this, are you saying all 4RF virago engines where made in ohio by Fayette, as mine is a xv125s and was made in Germany or japan
  3. Cool I'll give that a whirl, cheers
  4. Anyone got any recommendations or tips to completly remove the paint from my tank, I plan to repaint after a satin black
  5. Thanks jimmy I'll give it one last go, had it a year and only ridden maybe 8 months out of it
  6. So finally got engine to run and now the back wheel is completly seized, and it looks like it's dripping a oil type liquid from the drain hole in my exhaust, Starting to lose hope and the thrill of riding , it's getting too much trying to fight my bike to work on a weekly basis, time to sell her I think
  7. Yea plan to grt tank off and inspect there work, but I don't have a garage so having to wait for a dry ish day, I've emailed the garage asking for explanation and a full list of work they done, I'm not taking it back there as no longer trust them,
  8. Dodgy garage messed about with the wiring bike won't even run now runs on half a cylinder reckon they messed with wires from tci to coils too
  9. As title suggests my bike xv125 has recently returned from a bad garage who seemed to make my bike unridable, one thing I have noticed when I pull the clutch in a loud single click is heard from the relays behind side panel, and pretty sure it's from one of the relays, anyone know why it would suddenly start doing this
  10. Ok so back to first question, how can u wire up that speedo
  11. Nope jusy got a blue wire and a black wire, assumed the blue was the power and black obviously goes to earth, with the new one could I simply join red and orange wire together and join to blue, so both gps unit and backlight get 12v
  12. I probably should but don't think I do, the original speedo just had the 2 wires going into it ,
  13. Spike101uk

    Gps speedo

    After all my work and expensive garage time it hasn't worked so now looking at this for a simple almost bolt on option but can't work out how to wire up, my bike only has a power and earth to speedo light not a separate backlight wire. I have an xv125
  14. Ok I gave up and took it to a garage, not my usual as I've moved but another local bike garage, £192 quid later they have the indicator warning lights working, but nothing else even things that did work, I now have no high beam or neutral light, they left the wires sticking out side of bike in a birds best including 2 open wires just dangling, my bike is sluggish and bogs down pulling away and front brake hardly works, oh and after all that he said he noticed straight away the headlamp wouldn't pass an mot
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