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  1. Sorry to hear that bud. Hope the recovery is going well
  2. Sledge Hammers are your friends, oh and Fire, they love fire
  3. 1) So fk, don't lose any sleep over it, that is his concern 2) So fk, nothing to do with you......If you were top bidder then some explaining, but as you were outbid then, again fk em and the chap refusing to speak with you, so fk, fk em One will come up, or I can point you in the direction of a few Triumphs I know for sale
  4. jimmy

    DT 175 E gearbox

    I don't use photobucket since they tried to hold us all to ransom a while back Postimage.org is my preferred hosting site
  5. jimmy

    Chappy Parts

    You're calling yourself 'Canada' but where in the world are you. This info will help folk offer suggestions
  6. jimmy

    75 Chappy NO START

    Have you tried a new plug. Yours may be sparking outside the engine but failing under load. Doubt it will be the kill switch as you wouldn't get a spark inside or outside the engine Probably better sticking a battery in place to give it a boost
  7. No but I know a few crooks called Mick.....None from Durham tho
  8. jimmy

    Front wheel bearing!

    I'll give you £100 to take it off your hands. No more stress or worry mate, you know it makes sense
  9. Hi Welcome to the forum. Great wee bikes. My boy learned to ride on one, and once he passed his test he sold it on for what he paid, so obviously a market for them
  10. I normally give you a 'like' for your pics bud, but not with they big fekkin toes spoiling it
  11. I used to own an xs250 with the very same symptoms. I eventually sorted it, well my sanity, by using "Burn ya bastard"
  12. Welcome to the forum bud
  13. Just in from a 12hr shift, a wee bit tired and read that as "Panty Liners"
  14. jimmy

    MoT Prep

    MoT passed and I went a wee blast on it. Loud as fek
  15. This thread is 5 years old bud, and the OP got his answers and buggered off. Not visited since 01 March 2014
  16. jimmy

    MoT Prep

    Prepped my boys Virago in readiness for an MoT (booked for tomorrow,) He started a new job in April and has been on training so no time for bikes. His bike has sat in the shed since last year. Replaced front brake fluid and cleaned and adjusted rear drum brake. checked all lights work, checked spokes on wheels and fork seals. Didn't check steering head bearings as no centre stand and I was on my own but took it a wee run and they felt fine, so should be good to go tomorrow
  17. Brilliant mate. Welcome to the nuthouse. Start a new thread in the projects section and keep us all informed with progress, oh and we love pictures
  18. I recently used a guy, John Adams 07951 541 477 £150 to transport the bike from Dorset to Glasgow (ish). It took a few days, but I was happy with the service and price
  19. Funnily enough, that is my weekend off, so of it cam be sorted for then I will endeavour to make it
  20. Yes please, and I have a standard T160 on offer
  21. Look at the jetting. What colour are your plugs If it is after market pipes it may need rejetted. This would cause bogging down and could cause the blueing. So you can either contact the zorst manufacturer and see what main jets they recommend, or faff about changing jets...or take it to a rolling road / dyno who should have a collection of jets and get it set up properly
  22. jimmy

    Finners iPhone fix

    I have had that advice my whole life mate......"Don't stick that in there" has been the bane of my life
  23. Good Intro bud, welcome to the nuthouse
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