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    Morning all, I’ve just recently bought a 1978 XS1100, I’ve managed to get hold of Macho Maroon paint and am about to start a restoration of the bike, here is my question, is there anyone in or near the Kent area with a similar bike, as I would like to have a look at a couple of things that isn’t showing on the Haynes manual, anybody help?
  2. I'm in the other town with the not so well know Castle! it's no big 'deal'...... As for the fleet, I've gone modern, my other bike is a 1950 Sunbeam S8. I say modern in the loosest of terms!
  3. Good afternoon all from not so sunny Kent! Just joined and though I'd say hi along with my 3 new purchases Fj1200, Geneses 1000 and my XS1100 Pictures will follow once I know how to use computers! Anyway hello everyone
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