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  1. He means the baffles i believe j
  2. hmm if you paid over the phone on a card then the verbal agreement of 35 quid plus vat and postage he should have given you a total figure then taken card details etc. he cant then just bill you more as that is fraud i cant understand how you didnt know what you were going pay untill the item arrived and you saw the invoice ?? james
  3. Yer most will swap and yes there will be an administration charge usually !and the new bike policy may be more expensive so you will have to pay the difference on that too... I swapped my insurance from a ybr to a varadero and i think it was about £80 extra for like3 months of policy left but i need to get my first years no claims so had to bite the bulllit and pay. hope this helps
  4. Surely the shop will sort it out when the other bloke comes back with his that dont fit ? other than that its got to be down to the shop to replace yours ?
  5. jeddy


    Make sure whoever sends it to you writes on the side thats its a childs toy or similar saves a few quid when it gets here and it could be a replacement forr childs toy !!!
  6. jeddy

    XS250 Bobber

    What amperage are those fuses ???
  7. My rule of thumb is if you think your going "FKit up" then leave it well alone.... May be boring but it saves you money !!! james
  8. 1L would be more than enough i would imagine best to have too much !! I dont think there is any "best" brake fluid brands as long as its the right sort Dot4 it should be ok.. james
  9. Hi i was looking to trade my bike in but think im being offered very little its a YBR 125 08 plate 9k on clock with the square front its just been MoT had 2 new forks (chrome flaked off) new exhaust and a new battery (not for MoT) its got a top box fitted too ! no damage Picture linky How much do you think this bike is worth i see so many price ranges on mcn ect ??? i was expecting around £1200 thanks james
  10. Yer definately try a new bulb if its not the bulb you will at least have a spare !!
  11. Not a lot you can do without a load of hassel and time !!!is it worth it for £195 take the hit and move on hopefully a little bit wiser ? We all learn lessons the hard way when were young - maybe if its a dealer then yamaha may come up with something but from what i know these garage "crooks" are experts in hiding the truth.. To be fair with the price they may be getting trade prices for the work done as they send all there buisness to the same company and so are making a charge for the process.. You could even look at it 2 ways 1, the fault "did" just happen and they have sorted it all out for £80 which to me doesnt sound excessive or 2, they have fleeced you but for £80 this doesnt seem right ? This is presuming the other £115 was for the chain and sproket etc.. James
  12. The oil is cheap enough its the thieving government taxes....
  13. Hi my 08 carb takes a little while to warm up but not 15 minutes ! unless of coarse you are storing it outside ? mine is usually garaged and only takes a couple of mins to warm up. If parked outside for a few hours then it takes a little longer. Maybe if your bike is outside like all night then 15 mins isnt unrealistic ? i usually start the bile then put all my gear on take locks off etc and then its usually ready to go.. james
  14. Hmm this is going sound silly but on mine i have a light switch on the right hand side with side light then full light with the high beam switch on the left. If the switch is on side light or full light then they come on as soon as i turn the key on...i dont think your full light should come on only when the engine starts as if you stall at night your light wil go off !! So not wanting to suck eggs or anything have you played with the light switch on the right ?? If you have and you have changed the bulb it must be a wiring fault from around the light or the swithc wiggle some wires etc..
  15. Hmm i just checked by gear lever ybr125 08 and the level is solid on the shaft no movement at all the lever does move in and out by a mm or 2 but thats just the imput shaft moving back and forth.. If i was you i would have the lever off the shaft and check lever and shaft for worn splines incase the loose lever has worn some , even so it should be able to be tightened down more id get a spanner and tighten it up some more after checking nothing is damaged..
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