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  1. Many thanks Noise..... but the YP250 is a twist and go scooter with no adjustment for alainment. Any other thoughts?
  2. Hi all bikers. Just purchased a 1998 YP250 for local run about. Its done 22k and runs well, bit scruffy but thats fine for 14 years old, still does 85 mpg. My querry is about the way it handles, When on the road it rolls and weaves, not keeping a straight line. The steering and wheel bearings all feel fine with no notchy feel but the tyres are of different makes. Front is a Continental dated 2004 and the rear is a Sava sporty. its my first scooter so not sure if thats how they should handle if not are the tyres my problem to get renewed? Thinking of Avon Viper Stryke tyres as a per......any suggestions would be helpful.
  3. Carb stripped, spray cleaned all jets inspected and re-assembled. The bike doesn't cut out now when throttle opened as before. Now aware that when warmed up and choke off at a stand still, when reving up and shut off the twist grip the revs tend to settle around 3000rpm for a moment then slowly drop to normal tick over around 1500rpm which takes around 10 seconds. I think that revs should drop to tick over straight away without any lag. Cable and slide move fine with correct adjustment to throttle cable. Adjusted the throttle stop screw but if out too far the bike then cuts out when revs settle down. Any advice would be appreciated.
  4. Cheers James. The bike is garaged. It starts fine on the choke but if you knock the choke off after say 10 minutes and twist the throttle it cuts out. Runs and ticks over fine once fully warmed up. Roy
  5. It has a carburettor with a manual choke.
  6. Hi all, just after a bit of advice if possible. I purchased a 05 YBR 125 a few months ago, been right through it and carried out a full service, renewed all filters, renewed engine oil, renewed spark plug, checked valve clearance and cleaned out carb. All straight forward and ready for the road.......BUT......it starts fine but then takes ages, well 10 to 15 mins to warm up enough so its rideable without cutting out as soon as the throttle is twisted. My question is; Can anything more be done to improve this or are all YBRs 125 like this? Many thanks
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