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  1. Hello Peeps I was wondering if anyone knew where the muffler is on the exhaust of a WR125R, if so how many and can they be taken out?
  2. nah not worried no the date as long as they match my boots and trousers mate i live in lincoln not long either and not found out where any race meets are
  3. thorttle cable maybe? it may not be sitting correctly in the carbrettor try that
  4. cheers i tried ebay and there not a lot on there to be honest thanks for the website i got yamaha mx pro trousers at the mo just need a jersery, enduro jacket one what keep you warm but breathes at the same time and soem decent gloves
  5. Hey guys hows it going? does anyone know where i can buy mx clothing with yamaha written on it as looking for a jersey and gloves and maybe an enduro jacket?
  6. Yeah your best chaging oil, air, oil, new spark plug to be honest.... i have a 125 brought her new and she alright for a 2 stroke... 125 arent made for quickness they made to give ya experience same as 50s.... adjusting little things help a lot i often change the bite on the clutch... simple thigns really no need spending money on it as it wont benefit you in any way get ya test then splash the pennies
  7. Heyy Peeps I have a Yamaha WR125R brought it in March this year. Just wondered where the restrictors are on it and if the exhaust has any baffles that i can remove??
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