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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Guys, Does anyone know if any fuel tank will fit an '89 DT 125 R? Mine is weeping and I need to replace it but cant find one for love nor money. Thanks, St0F
  2. I am currently in the process of restoring an 1981 'X' Plate DT125MX. I have opted to change the piston, barrel & head with a DT175MX, and have rebuilt the engine, and reinstated the 2 stroke autolube with a DT175MX oil pump, shaft etc. I am now ready to refurb the carb, which is currently dismantled for cleaning. I understand that I need to change the main jet in the carb as it will now run as a '175', and the '125' jet will not be sufficient and may cause the engine to run lean, and seize. The main jain in the carb is currently a 140. I've checked the good old Haynes manual, as well as the part manual, but can't make a lot of sense. The Haynes manual refers to anything from a 150 to a 200 jet. I intend to keep the stock airfilter box, and air filter. I went to the local bike shop in the village, and the guy at the shop suggested a 160 to start with, and if needs be switch to a 180. Does sound correct and what size jet would have been fitted to a DT175MX when it left the factory. Appreciate it can differ for different countries and climates, but I am referring to a UK spec model. Look forward to hearing from anyone who can help. Thank you
  3. Hi Guys, I'm new here but have found some really helpful things while I browsed over. I got my YBR last week, no problems, running like a charm. This is my first bike, and only really started riding the day before I got it. (CBT) The only problem I have right now is my headlight. When I got it, it was working, I've not dropped or crashed it but now, it won't work!!! When I turn the ignition on (Key to on position, NOT starting it) the parking light (Small bulb) comes on. When I start the bike (Elec start) the headlight is supposed to come one, but mine isn't! When I flick to high beam, nothing, no light on the dash to notify of it either. I have replaced the bulb, and checked the only fuse I could find (Next to the battery) I have checked what I can of the wiring, and everything looks to be spot on... but what is wrong with it?? Please help if you can, I soil myself when the street lights have gone out. Thanks in advance. Sanial
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