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  1. There are some good roads down 'er its just all the cow shit and tra'ers that spoil them. if you ever fancy the journey again give me a shout, doors always open for YOCers Once the Bandit is on the road i fancy a dabble up ta rode for some road sightings
  2. Noise

    Project hakka

    No I've not been on the Bandit forums, im a little too loyal and only really stick to the YOC ha-ha i signed up to the SOHC750 Forum for the Honda but think i only have about 10 posts on there as i just prefer it on here After some digging and looking on the Bay of E im going to pass on the head conversion..................for now and just get the old girl back on the road. Might be fitting a different seat unit on her tho just to make her a bit more evil looking.
  3. Noise

    Project hakka

    So is the GSXf 600 heads a direct bolt on job then? sorry if its a dumb question but thought before a sneakly buy a set with out the missus knowing i don't want the pissing about of trying to make it fit etc etc.
  4. Noise

    Project hakka

    Grrrr........... Now your sticking thoughts in my head and the wifes already pissy at the fact i gotta now build two bikes ha-ha. So, what is needed to get a bit more poke out this old girl with out spending a wad of cash (bare in mine the Honda is where im wanting the money to go )
  5. Well at least it will be a nice Crimbo present for you when your both reunited. Did you get the turbo Stagea?
  6. Noise

    Project hakka

    Thats exactly what i was going to do but he knows me too well and when he gave me the V5 he told me to never give it back as he doesn't want to leave it out side his new house (he's not one to leave things out in the rain) I could do, but Phil (step dad) has already bought a new head with valves, stem seal etc etc to go back on so it would be a shame just to push his hard work to one side. what im thinking is just carry on from where he left off but pop my own spin on things but obviously not turning it into a hard tail chop ha-ha
  7. Noise

    xvs950 rebuild

    You have done a fantastic job Sam! Is there other projects in the pipe work now this is finished?
  8. Noise

    Project hakka

    Sad story to this one, my mum n stepdad just lost their house they had it on a mortgage years ago but after being laid off they couldn't keep up the payments so they sold it to a bloke who rented it back to them. 8 years forward to today he has now told them that he's selling them so they are having to down size to a 2 bed cottage with no garage so being the best mate I could ever have he has just gave me his project bike which is a 1996 600 bandit. As it sits now in the shed Gotta go out there during the week and sort through it all. The motor is perfect, all new stainlesbolts I have basically just got to buy a few more bits,paint it and assemble her.
  9. Sounds to me like an air leak bud. Check all the joins from air box to carbs, and then check that the carbs are seated and done up tight onto the inlet rubbers, and while your at it check the condition of the inlet rubbers, as she was sat for a period of time the rubbers may have perished and cracked.
  10. I do hope they paid you to take them away and gave you a free puncture repair just for the hassle haha Looks like a long winter ahead
  11. Thanks Kev much appreciated , im guessing that due to its age that it would be tax exempt so not sure if it will ever show up as being taxed?
  12. Hey folk, Just a little curious really, me mam n stepdad are moving house soon and they dug out the old photo album in the packing up malarkey and found a pic of him on his dad's old BSA A10 with side car outfit, n I didn't know if there was a way to see if it was still on the road? The reg that's on the meat slicer is 332 JMH Any of you clever lot know a way?
  13. Congratulations buddy, she is a beaut! congratulations to mum and dad too
  14. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Na no front mudguard, Betty (my last chop) didn't have one and yes riding her in the wet was more......um.......wet but all was fine. Jenny will see rain but only if I'm caught in it as she will be used for nice days, as she's of the older bikes she needs looking after.
  15. Fella, post an intro. Once done......... I'll answer your question
  16. Hi Jinx Your only option on fitting the seat is to take off the vinyl and foam so your left with just the plastic pan. Then look on the frame there will be a bar going across where the seat sits on, which also so happens to have two holes in. Pop your plastic pan back on where it goes and with a permy pen mark the seat pan where those two holes line up, then drill them out. Fit two bolt through the top of the plastic pan and glue them in place so that they can not turn (Araldite glue will be good) Re fit your foam pad, then with a hair dryer and heavy duty staple gun re fit your vinyl. warm up the vinyl with the hair dryer and also the plastic pan so the staples penetrate nice and deep. (new vinyl is about a tenner on Ebay if you want to freshen it up) Now you can pop the seat back on, then use a lock washer and a stainless steel nut to bolt the seat to the bike. Job jobbed As for the side number plate, they mount on the rear axle. Unbolt the nut on the rear axle (kerb side of the bike) pop the bracket on the axle and put the nut back on.
  17. The monkey on the bike is cool but the long ass chain hooked to his neck is twatish.
  18. Good on you Capt, looking forward to watching it! Did he say why he didn't see the big red bus or was it actually brake failure?
  19. I hate technology to a degree, i just recently (end of last month) deleted my Facebook account and i actually feel liberated. no more of those annoying notifications informing me that someone has commented on this that and the other and no more of the normal bitching that they all seam to do on there. found that you get more time in the shed too which is a bonus
  20. Here's a pic of tammy (white one) with our other dog pups who was ment to be a Patterdale but turned out to be a pure lurcher and we soon had to give him up as they sadly didn't get on. He's now on a farm working hard.
  21. We got a labrador cross husky and she is a pain in the ass most of the time but we love her to bits! If you can handle the constant brushing, hoovering and hair everywhere then a husky will make a great family member. But if you love the easy life best to just get a gold fish haha
  22. Noise

    Project Jennifer

    Well i think i have the paint sorted, i have been fortunate enough to have gotten a chap called Joeby airbrush on board who has been doing this sort of thing since 1974 and he is more keen to get started than i am! his paint jobs have won loads of "best in show" and has been featured in a fair few biker mags too Going to be sitting down with him to come up with a "nod to the 70's" paint job but till then ill say what i have in my head (subject to change) Candy apple red frame & oil tank with light sliver flake & pine stripes Candy apple red fuel tank with silver flake, scallops re-done with mural airbrushed inside with pin stripes Candy apple red rear mudguard with silver flake and pin stripes Black chrome rims, hubs, rocker cover, other engine covers, springer fork parts and sissy bar Gold plated valve covers, springs, drum brake leavers and assorted other small parts Again that can all change depending on what Joeby brings to the table
  23. Firstly it check the HT lead is fitted snuggly, then change the plugs. If this still plays up then id say its a potential coil failure, replace both front and rear coils and go from there.
  24. Noise

    Ready to Go !

    Well the suspense is killing me, with work blocking all this related to media sharing all i see is a little white box! what you buy???
  25. Just dump two ram cone filters straight on top of the carbs, nothing sticking out and gives a cleaner look to the bike. SoA??? Thought they all just had factory HD's with some silly little headlight cowl and T bars fitted? ha-ha
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