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  1. Hi. I am hoping someone can help me. I can start new topics fine, but I cannot type a message to someone, nor the admin of this site. I cannot respond to any thread either. There seems no option to type...... can anyone help? I have logged off and back on again. Thank you.
  2. I need a little help with a couple of things on my Dragstar please :-) 1) I have cut the back of the seat off, as the rear fender has been replaced with a custom metal fender. There is nothing to bolt the seat to currently, it is only slotted onto the frame with the plastic plugs. What would you recommend to safely secure the seat to the bike? 2) Where is a side number plate bracket supposed to bolted on to? I ride the bike, I don't know much about putting it back together after somebody else started the custom project for me....
  3. I am finally nearing the end of this long tunnel that is the custom process.... One thing i have hit a wall with is the air filter. I have taken the standard filter box off, i am looking to put in a SoA type air filter. The nearest i can find that will work with my bike is the 'spike air cleaner' that has been pointed out to me on eBay. However, I can only find them listed for the 1100, I have the 650. Any suggestions on what I should be looking for, or if you know of somewhere I can get one? Thank you
  4. Still having trouble finding forks I am after a few other bits too, can anyone point me in the right direction? (I'm failing after eBay...) Number plate bracket Indicators Mirrors Grips Thank you
  5. That's it exactly, it's that part that we can't paint. I have tried looking for a set of new forks, but I can't seem to find any any suggestions on where to try? As we have replaced the original fender with a simple, metal, custom fender we have to change the giant seat!! So we are considering painting the suspension spring to match the chrome fork 'inners', just so that there is a little detail to match otherwise I think it will just look really odd!! As it's still basically a frame with wheels and horrible bars, the only pics I have are of it original and as it's being worked on. Noise, you are right about the bars, I thought the same last night. I had an operation on my right wrist back in January and I'm still suffering with it, so I think flat bars would be very silly!! I want to enjoy my bike once I get it back!! So straight with slight pull back it is
  6. Does anyone know where I should look for a set of new forks? I basically want the entire bike black, but there's obviously a part of the front forks that we can't paint. I have no idea on cost, so I might have to cope with what I've got. I'm still deciding on the bars, whether dead straight or straight with a slight pull back. I'm finding it hard to picture which would look best....
  7. Sorry for the lack on activity on this post We have been busy prepping for paintwork. Basically all of the chrome is now going black..... including the wheels.... everything really. So the re-spray has become a full blown transformation We have bought an English Wheel, and have a fabricator on hand, so it look as though we are making a rear fender....... I am also after a short, black exhaust and a set of flat/straight bars. We may end of making these too, but I want to have a look for some ideas or places to buy in case they're cheap enough? Does anyone know of anyone/where I can get a seat made? We are using the standard seat base, but cutting the back away, so I will need to find someone to foam/upholster it. The bike is going to be unrecognisable!!!!
  8. My Dragstar is currently looking sorry for itself in the garage, in pieces. It is having a re-spray and some of the chrome is going black. I am after a rear fender conversion, I don't like the standard one sitting so high. I want something to sit more flush with the tyre. Any recommendations on where to go or what I am actually looking for? Thank you!
  9. Leatherat OOh, I didn't realise I would get such a reaction to a 'fun' question!! He's into his sports bikes, but I prefer the fat bikes! We are all different with different tastes - thank god!! I do think some bikes are more suited to girls and blokes, but that's my opinion Sorry guys, this wasn't a serious question. I do realise bikes aren't generally designed solely for a specific gender. I was simply curious as to what everyone thought (I'll be careful what I post up in future I think!!) Have a nice day!
  10. Haha, nice! Thanx!! It is said a bit tongue in cheek, he's just messing about. I just thought I would get other people's opinions on it. I know there are a few other bikes designed with women in mind (a low rider Harley that I tried out for size a couple of years ago for instance). I just consider my bike a little unusual for a girl. Thanx for the input
  11. I have a 650 Dragstar, I am a girl. My boyfriend says it's a girl's bike and that I should get something more manly. Now, I am only little, this is a big, heavy bike. Would those who know consider it a girl's bike??
  12. My Dragstar is just too quiet!!! Any suggestions on what to do?? Any exhaust recommendations? Thanx
  13. Hi I have a Yamaha Dragstar 650. I've only recently started riding it regularly. Yesterday I had trouble getting the steering lock off, but with wriggling the key a little I managed to do it. I had the same problem this morning, only I couldn't get the key to turn at all. Someone came out to help, and managed to get the lock off, but had trouble turning the key to get the ignition on. They managed to do it, but I have not gone into work today in case I can't manage to do it myself when I am trying to come home! Is it likely to be a faulty barrel? Can anyone help? Thank you
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