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  1. For anyone interested in rider to pillion communication I have got this,,,,,, "Interphone Connect Bluetooth Intercom" It is a brilliant bit of kit. Really clear sound. Also connects to phone, sat nav, other bikes if you want, waterproof and has built in radio. ect . Easy to fit into each helmet and so far perfect sound even at 70mph. I only wanted it so I could talk to my daughter on the back and make sure she was ok, and to be honest that's probably all I use it for (I'm not a teck lad),, but it will do lots more if you wanted it too. Little on the expensive side but worth it. Can get them on eBay, Amazon, Sports bike shop,,,,,,the usual places. Anyway if you're in the market for something like this,,,,, check them out Pat
  2. Hi all, "Newish" to bikes is my daughter. She just loves being on the back of the bike. It's also a great feeling for me to have her with me, us both doing something we love together. Can't get the picture up,,,,, sorry Pat
  3. I'm still here, Had no main bike for a year and a half but now I'm back with a versys 650
  4. 2 Wheels

    Dakar 2022

    Well it just finished today,,,,the best and hardest rally in the world,,, across the deserts of Saudi this year For those of you that don't follow it, Sam Sunderland from the UK has won by just 3 mins from 12 days of racing. Great achievement. Pat
  5. Happy Christmas everyone,,,, relax and enjoy
  6. Hey Danny I've had the same bike for years,,, there good. I suggest you make the rear suspension a little softer, this lowers the bike a little bit that you probably need. Use the C spanner on the shock. I wouldn't lower the front as it makes the bars shake terrible and it also falls quicker into the corner's which is not nice, especially when going slow. Don't worry about the gear indicator,, after a while you won't even notice, you'll soon here when you're in the right gear,,,, you'll also notice you've got it wrong when you try to throttle away,,,,, it will soon come right to you. When you get used to the bike you will be turning up the rear suspension again. The harder you push the bike the more stiffer the suspension you will need. There a fairly low seat height anyway so just wait and get used to the bike. I put 60k miles on mine and she never gave me any trouble. There also very fast if you keep the revs up. Good luck with yours Pat
  7. 2 Wheels


    At the moment I'm on Metzeler RoadTec Z6. 120 front 160 rear My last few tyres I have tried different types, to see what works best. Different types had added benefits but this set I have now are really good,,,, in wet and dry. I do throw my bike around a bit in fast and slow situations. They have never given me any reason to doubt them. Down the middle have no grip pattern but this is to give longer life when the bike is traveling up straight. Corners good in both wet and dry. Last year's Mot said I did 10,000 miles and these are still the same tyres I have on. They have actually outlasted my chain and sprockets. My route to work is half fast riding and then slow with plenty of corners and roundabout's. The only thing I have noticed with them is that the right hand side of the tyre is wearing faster but I think that is because of the way I enter roundabout's and then power around them as to not lose much time going to work. Anyway hope this helps. Pat
  8. Whasssss-up Maybe later at end of summer or skip a year ?
  9. Good on ya, you've been wanting one for a while now
  10. Nice one bippo, bet you enjoyed it all
  11. The next meet this year will be ??? The only weekend I have free is 24 + 25th of August
  12. Great vid Slice, any more,,,,,, uncut version !
  13. Have you got a good battery,,,, this bike will not do anything right without a good charged battery
  14. Yes Bip, great to meet you,,,,ment to say that in my other post. Ya did a great job being tale end Charlie,,,,,, your a good rider, I could tell from my mirror's,,,,,, so don't be scared to mix it up a bit in the middle of the group.
  15. I had a bloody great weekend, loved every minute. 100 per cent agree on a second meet every year. End of August ?? Blackhat you choose? Great ride out,,,, lots of miles, loads to see, great roads, perfect speeds (fast X slow), really like riding with you lot as we now know eachother's riding style's over the years. Your a great bunch of lads. Thanks Merve for the route and leading the way. No crashes is good as it doesn't spoil the day. I had good fun at the back, kicking up a sand storm on poor Tommy,,,, I know you were swearing at me, I can lip read,,,,, + out sneaky pint was so funny at the time. Really good weekend,,, my boots were full of water when I left Merve but the rest of me was dry. I took A40 home in the end,,,, was busy, had to do a lot of 50mph filtering. My back tyre is dead, I'll be lucky to get the week out of it. Yellow mellow,,,, pitty you didn't make it after all your time trying. Thanks all,,,,, chat soon,,,,,,, ps I didn't take any pictures, sorry Pat
  16. Home safe and sound at 6.40. busy now so post in a bit
  17. It will be late in the evening before I get there
  18. Bring it on,,,,, without the rain
  19. Would love to see caravan, did you build it out of timber? I've often taught of doing this or something like a wooden cabin on wheels. Needless to say it never happened as I never have time to do much for myself. BBQ, booze, music ? Hangover ?
  20. I am supposed to be working this weekend so I'll have to pull some sort of excuse. Finish at 3 on Friday so maybe leave from there. LD3 7YJ ,,,,,,, is the post code for you satnav 'ers All going well I will see yous there. Head Count : How many going ?
  21. Very sad John, I rode with you and him on one of my trips in Scotland. A very nice man. Was it an illness or accident ? Rest in peace Sye !
  22. Great My old horse is currently sitting at 41412 miles. I should do 3000 no problem. I commute every day on bike at a round trip of 48 miles but I won't count these miles as part of the 3k (I'm so honest). I was gonna say 5k but 3k is more realistic for us lot,,,, apart from pliningas,,,, Hey Blackie, how you keeping,,,,,, lots of snow up your way?? I'm still in Essex/London border slaving away and working in London central. It's like having a death wish every day filtering,,,, cyclists, people and scooters are the worst, they come at you from all directions crossing roads without even looking. (anyway that's enough about that). The Landmarks and Iron Butt thing sound good. Happy Trails,,,,,,,pat
  23. 2 Wheels

    YOC Ride 3000

    Just a little challenge,,, nothing serious,,,, try to clock up 3000 miles on your bike this year. Take some pics along the way and tell the story of some of your travels. What ye think? Who's Gona start it off !? ??
  24. Stick in a bit of gravel road and I'm in ?
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