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  1. Ok so I tested everything except the CDI which I cannot test, the valve works when connected straight to battery but when I connect the bike to the battery amd put ignition to ON the valve doesnt move, so im guessing the previous owner ran the bike without the battery and fried the CDI. My next problem is where can I get a CDI that doesnt cost 200€ and I know it works, it is an 3rm-20
  2. Hello everyone just bought myself a project bike it is a yamaha dtr125 2002 and it has no spark. I changed all of the common stuff spark plug ignition coil... I tested the pickup coil it is showing 285ohms. When I put the ignition ON I dont hear the ypvs motor turning. So im guessing if my CDI is dead the motor should not work or it should? And how does that motor work for example how will it turn over if I dont have battery on?
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