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  1. I'm a fan. Had a few XL's of same vintage and mates had XT's. Should do 65mph but depends on your weight and gearing and you wouldn't be getting much more unless you want to blow it up. Gotta look after the old ones.
  2. Hi Ryanh, Not sure about an MX 400 but you can check from the frame and engine numbers. The Owner's Manual is different to a service manual but still good to have if it matches your bike. It covers basic maintenance but not pulling it to pieces (or putting it back together in your case). You'll need a parts list that you can check what pieces you need and their part numbers. There's a few around on the web and I reckon you'll be spending heaps of time looking at those. Gordo
  3. Sounds like DT needs a bit of a going over. I had similar and it came down to cleaning the exhaust out and it was like a new bike. Gordo
  4. Fleabay usually has something coming up from time to time. Some are better than others but it depends on what is available and $. Small chance that your local library might have one. Gordo
  5. There's single wire 6V regulators available on Fleabay from UK shop. Guess that would work and I'm looking to retro-fit one to the DT. She works fine most of the time without one but when something goes I'm replacing all the bulbs/battery. Happy springtime.....
  6. DTGordo

    New key for dt?

    Yep specialist locksmith whatever the qualification/experience is. The shop where I went has been there for a long time and they have just about anything to do with any sort of lock. We couldn't find a key for our old house window locks and they sorted that easy too. Pretty accommodating if you go to the trouble of taking things apart and making it easier for them although they put it back together upside down.
  7. DTGordo


    Downtown Queanbeyan...
  8. DTGordo

    New key for dt?

    You should be able to find a locksmith who will be able to cut a key from a lock. A couple of weeks ago I took an ignition in to do just that and they needed to replace the bits inside the lock as well which were worn out. The bike only has the one lock on it so no big deal. From that I'd say that if you took your locks in you would be able to have them keyed the same if you really wanted to. Get a quote first though...
  9. Isn't it getting warmer yet? If it's cold and you're riding some distance I reckon your fingers will get cold to some degree anyway. Circulation isn't great if you're just sitting there not moving. To add to the others: gloves that have a bit of room in the fingers are a bit better too. I've got some waterproof oversize gloves that I can use an inner glove with that work OK although they were hard to find for big hands.
  10. Pretty much like the others: If your coils are OK and you can get the lead out that's an easy fix with some new lead and plug cap. NGK (and others) have a lead splicer/joiner if you want to join new lead on. I ended up replacing my coil when I messed around with this anyway but it was relatively cheap for the DT. After I got the new coil I cut the old one open to have a look but that's as far as I got. Gordo
  11. DTGordo


    Can't do a front nod, feels stupid/unco to me as well. At a stretch a right side down nod but I prefer a left hand up with a kind of pointy finger up.No idea why, been doing it that way now for 30years or so so I don't see that changing. I'm certain that everyone used to wave when "I was a lad" and it shits me that most people don't these days. I figure I'm going to change that one wave at a time. No where is the waving/pointing emoticon..... Gordo
  12. GOOGLE MAPS:"We could not calculate directions between Queanbeyan NSW and England, United Kingdom."
  13. I'll be trying that clip but for now I use a strap and wrap it around the clutch a few times. Kind of the same way an oil filter tool works
  14. Hi Eugene, Firstly I don't know much about using lock nuts on axles but, I have had nylon lock nuts from time to time on stuff that I need to do at work. I'm not a big fan as they only work properly when they are in good condition. Once they wear a bit they are marginally better than your standard nut and if they're on stuff that needs to come off and on a lot, they're slightly tedious because you can't spin them off by hand. I don't think they're suitable for an axle and wouldn't like to use them myself but someone obviously thinks it's a good idea. My guess on one coming loose would be that the nylon was worn out. I'd be looking for an alternative for something critical like holding your wheel on. Gordo
  15. It does look a little loose on the shaft in the video. In the long term that can wear the splines so it should be tight. You could expect a little play in the up and down shifting movement though from the shaft. Either way I wouldn't hesitate to take it back to the dealer you bought it from to have it sorted and its in their interest to keep the customers happy when they come in with genuine concerns. Given you noticed it becoming looser at 150 miles I reckon that's fair enough. Gordo
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