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  1. well thats it the virago has gone and a triumph trident (1994) has replaced it. please forgive me fellow forum members hope you still allow me to frequent this awesome(grovel) site Dave
  2. usual bank holiday for me fookin decorating ...... never mind after this weekend only the kitchen to go
  3. keep on drinking, try to keep my same overweight figure(just short for my weight really), get out on thebike more (if the weather is kind to me),and maybe get another tattoo
  4. bindie


    Happy New Year to all
  5. a lot smaller than mcn one, weather was good, and for £6 for an advance ticket, got 3 or 4 hrs there, was tempted to buy a 74 kh 250, cosmetically...well.. more than a few weekends required.. but i never, and new mt09 looks lovely,
  6. The Carole Nash Great Scottish Bike Show | Classic Bike Shows 9th / 10th August
  7. bindie

    sloe gin

    ahh someone that understands the scottish weather, only place you can get horizontal rain and beautifull sunshine at the same time..
  8. bindie

    sloe gin

    was thinking about taking a run up tomorrow but cant get a carer in for the wife,(shes in wheelchair), so looks like the tv
  9. bindie

    sloe gin

    well thats the first batch starte using dried sloes,never used them before, so we will see how it goes in around 3 months time.
  10. honda cb 50J Honda cj250 Yamaha Xs 250 Yamaha Xs 250 with 400 engine Honda vfr 400 Kawasaki gpz 600r Kawasaki Gpz 750r Honda cbx 750 yamaha virago 750 yamaha fzr600 cz 125 yamaha virago 535
  11. if the promotion would / could make you fedup, then i think you've answered your own question, prepare for the interview and when they ask you if you anything else to add, politely mention that you love what your doing and would prefer to remain afloat.
  12. had a new front tyre on mine - bridestone, works well with the varied scottish weather
  13. roseview campsite at oban, not good at linky thing but magic tinternet will find it.
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