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    Saving up for the mortgage. Paying the mortgage. Dreaming about the mortgage. Looking at bikes I can't afford .... Because of the mortgage. Oh, and ju jitsu.

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  1. Happy birthday young man .... 25? I've underpants older than you. Looks like it was a good day
  2. All these wee moments (if we're smart) make us better riders I think. So, well done j0hn As dt502001 says, assume they're all out to kill you ... Advice I ride by! But I do agree with obriens65 ... Still tightens the ol sphincter muscles when you have a close shave
  3. Mr Neat & Mr Tidy ..... I used to love those Mr Men characters (in fact, I still do) but I digress...... Just wondered what wee products and tips you all swear by when it comes to cleaning your bikes (I realise from enjoying manys a post on this site that 'clean' and 'my bike' will just sound like blasphemy to some of you ). I have to admit I do enjoy cleaning my bike at the weekend (time permitting) but I was wondering today whether I'm missing out on any effective (energy saving) tricks of the trade?? And no - sending SWMBO out with a cloth isn't an option!
  4. A massive investment for me **but there's no point ...**
  5. I have a few helmets, one being the same viper as yours slice. I agree, an excellent wee helmet although a mate and I who both bought one at the same time both found the Bluetooth died after about 1 year (I still suspect it doesn't fair to well in the wet). The same mate swears by the caberg and as Ttaskmaster says, scores top marks in the government ratings. That said, I do think that a helmets 'safety' is a multifaceted thing and not just an impact rating. I've just ordered a schuberth c3 with SRC system--around 600 scoobies. A massive investment for me, but not there's mono point being this rediculously good looking and not protecting my head
  6. Hi lads, Been a bit busy in work so only catching up now. A big CHEERS for all the feedback - slice &Ttaskmaster in particular Well... I decided to barter a little with the dealer. He wanted 3300 on trade in against my old (but very clean) fazer. I offered 3000 and he accepted but ONLY on the condition that he took my bike within 2 days as he stated his manager insisted on this because whoever they pass the fazer onto reduces his price with each month that passes (???). Trouble is, I told him clearly that I would only have the scoobies ready by month end and since my wife's hyundai tragedy died recently she's using my car every day (and I couldn't be bothered sorting out alternate transport for Sept) - so I need my bike daily for work. Anyway, he wouldn't budge and neither would (could) I. That's the trouble with dealers, they just don't seem to care that much in the end. That said, on reflection I think I'm going to stick to the fazer for another wee while and see what comes up as the actress said to the Bishop. As compensation to myself (well, if I don't who will?) I ordered a schuberth c3 helmet with integrated SRC system. So looking forward to quiet and comfy journeys at least
  7. As an aside, I was putting my wee fazer in for the night about an hour ago and it suddenly dawned on me how attached is become to the bike. I mean, I'm still keen for a bigger bike but I realised for the first time how the fazer has shared so many days with me - good and bad in recent years. I guess it's like an old friend who's faithfully got me home on many a dark cold night. Anyone else feel like this about their current (old) bikes? Or am I just being a sentimental head case?
  8. Ok Yamaha experts ... I need your advice. I am thinking Bout trading in my wee fazer for a 02 FJR1300. I took the FJR for a test ride and thoroughly enjoyed the experience - although I have to admit that the gear changes sounded a little clunky to me. I also found that the bike had to be ridden for a little while before it stopped conking out at lights etc. now, coming from a yamaha dealer it will (one hopes) be fully serviced before sale but I just wanted to canvass your views on the bike in general - any thoughts on what I should look out for? I mentioned the gear changes and he said this is more common in shaft drives? He did agree to take a look at the idling speed at my request. Would appreciate your thoughts if you're familiar with this bike. Incidentally, here's the site ... http://www.charleshurstgroup.co.uk/ Cheers.
  9. Oh, I see it now. Yeah, fantastic machine. I'll give you £250,000.
  10. Maybe it's just me but is 'classic' just another way of saying 'totally crap and not wanted by anyone'? As for this dragon, I'm ooot
  11. Mallory1

    Ice skating!!!

    Glad you're still in one piece - those 'brown adrenalin' moments (to borrow obriens amusing post) are horrible. Pity you scrapped the hubcap though .. If you could manage this trick a 2nd time you could have a full hub cap on each knee - you'd have increased protection, an elevated sense of cool and the ability to blind oncoming drivers.
  12. Well bippo, I can't comment on the direction of your legs but I suppose if your first encounter with motorcycling is as a pillion then perhaps it's easier. Ttaskmaster--I like the idea of the shotgun I could take out a few beemers? As for penis size, I have a personal rule not to ask my male friends (I find this approach tends to work best). So, I will just accept your advice and pity the poor fella ..... And his wife.
  13. Well done that man. I have one myself. What year is she?
  14. As a little development in this thread, I feel compelled to share with you all my recent (yesterday) experience as a pillion myself! The context : the Hyundai trajet, or should I say Hyundai tragedy which her indoors drives was banjaxed over the weekend (head gasket gone). Therefore, she commandeers my skoda superb under some remote marital legal technicality which involves me never enjoying anything above her ankles ever again if I don't comply (bit harsh I thought). So, we're down to 1 car and she's out for the day when I needed to collect my beloved fazer. What to do? The mechanic is approx 30 miles away so walking was out and the kids were using the space hopper. Answer? Ride pillion on my mates v-storm 1000 - or as he worryingly put it, 'riding bitch'. Anyway, here's what I learnt from the journey: 1. It NEVER NEVER NEVER EVER feels right to have your best mate sitting between your thighs ..... Unless your best mate is a member of the Australian beach volley ball team, 2. It's not a good idea to continually try to peek past the rider in an effort to read the road for him thereby enabling you to point out potential hazards like some crazed motorcycle instructor. From my mates liberal use of the French language (which I didn't realise he spoke so fluently) this back seat riding is a tad distracting. 3. Assuming the rider is safe and competent (which thankfully my friend is) it really is OK to release a Vulcan death grip on the grab rail after the first 25 miles .. Or before your hands start to go numb, 4. Being a pillion is actually a really nice way to travel and enjoy the sights which even as a rider you'd probably struggle to appreciate as much, 5. It's so much easier as a pillion to check out pretty joggers ..... If you were single of course and not happily married, ahem. 6. Despite my best efforts, it still felt gay (see point 1).
  15. Long weekend ! Flippin mobile touchpad
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