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    1982 YAMAHA XT 125J (project) 1989 YAMAHA DT 125E (keeper) 1991 YAMAHA DT 125R (keeper) 1994 YAMAHA XT 600EFC (keeper) 1992 YAMAHA DT 125/4DL2 TZR125R BELGARDA HYBRID (project/keeper) 2000 Suzuki GSX1300R HAYABUSA

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  1. NEV

    Dtr 1991

    Yamaha OEM gaskets or Athena ones are your best bet.
  2. NEV


    I 'm surprised nobody yet has mentioned owt about the B-KING which is pretty much a naked Busa
  3. A smack head if ever I saw one
  4. Aye we had a simpleton down our street used to make brrum, brrum, brrum, noises on his bike too.
  5. They were mandatory if you owned a Raleigh Chopper, I'll tell ya. Them and Smartie tops.
  6. NEV


    ha ha, like it.
  7. NEV


    Aye true that DT, used to match fish a fair bit, and whenever there was a cash prize, you can guess who was stood there holding her hand out.
  8. NEV


    Well after 31 years together, 27 of them married, I wouldn't swap her for the world.
  9. Aye I've got one of those Drewps, otherwise known as 'the horn'.
  10. NEV


    Cynic, I've just been and bought a Shoe GT AIR lid, cost me £480, told her indoors £280, bit of an umm and an ahh but no real problem, waited for the dozen roses that I ordered from Interflora yesterday for her birthday tomorrow, to be delivered, she loved them, gave her ten minutes then told her the true cost of my lid, Again bit of an umm and an ahh, but not too bad. The big guns were gonna come out tomorrow when she susses shes got £120 quids worth of perfume, for her birthday. As for the £1400 for my wish list, Slice knows the crack, you have obviously never been an angler, for example when you come back with a pole that costs £1500 quid, she asks how much is that? and you tell her it only cost £800. Of course the stuff for the Busa will be around £10000, but she's none the wiser bit by bit. Plus she scraped the Lexus on the driveway post the other day, there's a couple of hundred I need to sort out to repair, all week she's felt really bad about that, and that helps too for when you need something costing a few bob.
  11. Tell ya what Blackie, yours will look shit hot when it's finished.
  12. NEV


    Just bought her a nice new iron for her birthday on Sunday Slice, thought I'd spoil her a bit and got her an ironing board too, she'll be raight. As for her not liking my list how can she not like the £1400.00 I'm gonna tell her that lot will cost.
  13. NEV


    Read the left hand column on my bikes, you'll see my thumper on there
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