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  1. Hmmm ok. Would you expect it to be to tight or loose? I've had the bike since new - End of March. Just had my first service as well. Not entirely certain how to check my tension, but I may speak to the dealer and get it checked.
  2. Hi, Seem to have an issue with NEUTRAL. Whenever I am in first and go to second, 7 times out of 10 it keeps going to neutral. This doesn't tend to happen if revs are high. Not sure why this is happening, as I fully engage the clutch and knock the gear lever FULLY up. On the flip side, I struggle to put her into neutral when the bike is stopped. Any ideas?
  3. I've extended my mirrors, and I think I may have CROSSED THREADED the bolt. Am I correct in saying the RHS mirror, is physically attached the break fluid level clamp? If so, anyone know how much a replacement would be? Cheers. Steve.
  4. I wasn't thinking about being a main driver, as she needs to build up her own NCB, so I guess I would be another named user of the car?
  5. This is a bit unique, so thought I would ask here as I can't seem to find anything online. Question - If I sell my car, can I keep my 12 years CAR NCB? BACKGROUND:- Currently I have 12 years CAR NCB, and recently I purchased a Motorbike - to save money on fuel. My partner who lives with me has a ford fiesta. Thinking about selling my car and getting insured on her's. So, if I sell my car, and I get insured onto her fiesta, can I therefore keep my CARS NCB? Look forward to your answers
  6. Ok - so what do people use to clean their visor? I tried last night with a micro fibre cloth and just warm water and wipe, then use a white cloth to dry
  7. Cheers Guys. I don't understand though - can I actually move the gear lever up a level to allow bigger space? If so, shouldn't I get Yamaha to do this, as the bike is new and under warranty.
  8. Hi, I got free gloves thrown in with the deal on my bike. They seem ok, but I am suffering from numb fingers in the morning - espcially the 2nd and 3rd finger on the right hand. Would investing in a decent pair of gloves prevent this, or could I be holding the handlebar grips incorrectly? Sorry if this seems obvious, just wondering.
  9. Oh thanks - never heard of pinlock, i'll look into. Does it help with rain? We seem to be having alot of rain and it's difficult to keep my visor Clear.
  10. The boots I now have are great, only problem is, I seem to have issues trying to change up the gears. As they are quite large it's difficult to get my foot under the gear lever to push up. Any ideas, or does anyone else have that issue?
  11. Oh thats good to know - cheers.
  12. I went to Lidl last night - sold out - booooo. So went to Hein Gericke and got some boots there. Tried on several, and the staff were very friendly - much better.
  13. Sorry to hear your bike got stolen. What lock did you have, as I have a wall anchor also. Also the heated grips, do they use alot of battery power, as I have a ybr 125 with a small battery so not sure wether it would be wise. How did you know it was youths? Did you see em? If you did, I probably would have been tempted to chase after them - mind you, you don't know what they might be carrying these days I guess.
  14. Can anyone recommend a set of hand guards please? I see the market is full of em, but I need to make sure they fit on the ybr. Thank you :-)
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