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  1. Thanks for the replies, truth be told I haven't had time to have a look yet, due to Christmas, but there's some great pointers here do be getting on with!! Cheers
  2. Lever straight to the spline unfortunately... I'm sure she'll get used to it even if I dont Fix the lights hopefullly and it will be ok!
  3. Cheers Paul Having thawed out i thought the same re battery I'm gonna have a look tomorrow evening after work PM sent! Cheers
  4. Went for a test ride after tightening a few bits up, seemed ok, but I haven't got used to the backwards gears yet. Over revved the bike and heard a pop. Lost dipped beam. Switched to high beam to ride home, but shortly after lost this too. Then the back light died. Can I assume these basic bikes don't have a regulator on the lighting circuit? And why did the lights not all die at once?! Quite keen to get this fixed for Xmas as it's a present... But work is pretty mental ATM. Any help much appreciated. Ta in advance!!
  5. Gave the bike a quick once over this evening, couple of things cropped up; carb was over flowing, gave it a tap, seems better now. The exhaust leaked, tightened it up. Went for a ride. I hate the gears. Constantly changing up instead of down going into corners and over revving changing down instead of up!! This caused some problems, as I managed to blow the lights by over revving! Not cool on a country road... I'll post in the technical bit for advice on rectifying this... Oh and it's cold!
  6. Picked it up last night in the cold street light of East London. Seems to be ok! Gearbox is a bit funky, All four gears down, and it has a daft heal and toe shifter. Seems to run smooth and quiet, almost too quiet after the DT! I'll give it a proper once over when I get chance, bust out teh Autosol and stick a bog bow on it!
  7. Hello everyone, It's been a while. I still have four DT's, but progress on complete restoration of som, and engine rebuilds on the complete bikes has been slow due to me buying a house 12 months ago. I sold the RS 200 and TTR 250 before buying the house. So I've not ridden much recently either... So I have decided to fix this by buying a YB 100!! I've justified this by saying its a Christmas present for my new girlfrirend. :-) It's got six months MOT and looks tidy. I'm picking it up tonight. I'd post pisctures, but i'm lazy, so here's the ebay link chaps... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-YB100-Deluxe-Motorcycle-100cc-/221623728854?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2047675.l2557&nma=true&si=rNH2wqMNKByC%252FA9BU1bvOWrlRRQ%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc I'lll let you know how things go in due course. Has anyone got a gift box big enough for a baby Yamaha? Ed
  8. Best get the new plugs in and see what happens. Did you turn the fuel to reserve on the tap when you felt like you were runnning out of fuel? Could be that a load of crap got pulled through into the fuel lines and or the carbs. It's best practice to learn how many miles you get between fill ups and try not to run out of fuel. Not a massive XS nut, does it have points or CDI ignition?
  9. Neo ( I think) did a thorough write up of his DT 175 mx 6v - 12v conversion. Worth a look for inspiration
  10. Ste, Post some pics, i may be interested...
  11. Eh up creteboy! What a lovely bit of the world you are in. Spent two weeks driving round Crete once. Lots of lovely food, crazy people and Raki. Lots of Raki!
  12. Hey up biscuit, where abouts in Beds are you? Welcome to the forum mate!
  13. Hey welshie, if I end up camping in bala next summer fancy showing me the lanes?
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