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Hello, my name is Baz and thanks for letting me join. A bit of background, I have been riding since I was 7 and have been hooked ever since. My first real bike on the road was an early 80's XT250 red tank gold rims. I have had various bikes over the years and I still have a few bikes now and one of the pride n joy's is my 1995 XT600E. It has been a journey as I bought it cheap with work to do and have enjoyed every step, some details: originally put new airbox and brakes, work on original carby(s)to get going on the road, After a while reco speedo and taco as well as new stainless spokes and alloy rims. Currently undergoing motor overhaul with big bore 660 kit, rebuilt crank, new bearings, cam chain, new gearbox pinion and wheel gears and shaft, vapour blasted cases, stage 2 camshaft and a 40mm flatslide Mikuni carby,  Marving exhaust and the list keeps going on!. I have attached some before and current motor pics, I hope you enjoy, will post more once engine is finished 🙂 









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Thanks Drewpy, coming back together slowly 👍

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Welcome in! :D

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Thanks! 🙂 

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Hey again, just following up as mentioned, bike is now back together and the first run has been had with no issues 😀, ended up having to go with a straight through muffler so it could breathe (and sounds great). Looking forward to many more miles, I must say the power increase is amazing and would highly recommend doing if you have the bike and the time. Some pics....cheers Baz.




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Very nice Baz, not much beats the feeling of a succesful restoration. Looking very nice indeed, very clean rebuild and work ethic, you can tell a lot about you from your photos. keep it up and enjoy riding. Well Done mate.

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Cheers Neo !

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Welcome Baz! I always read those entries like "oh, started when I was 7 or 10" or whatever and I absolutely salute you guys as my life turned different turns and I was never able to get on bike until just recently. Problem with that is - the older you get the more scared you are LOL... 😂🤭

Hope you enjoy being here. These guys have helped me a lot with things I didn't know where to go and ask. 

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