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XJ900S Diversion wiring loom

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I've just acquired a 2000 Diversion an,d looking through its history, there have been a couple of "wiring" issues.

There's a manual for an alarm in the paperwork but no alarm fitted and, on looking inside the front fairing, there appears to be a fair amount of electrical tape wrapped around various wires.  I don't know what's been tapped into or disconnected in the hidden parts of the loom.

The price of a new loom is extortionate and second hand ones can come with their own problems so I am thinking of making my own replacement loom.  I reckon I can source the connectors, cabling and sleeping for less than £100 and my time is free.  I've got the wiring diagrams in the service manual.

Has anyone lease tried to make their own wiring loom/harness? If so, were there any issues that were difficult to overcome? 

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Yep did my XJ some few years ago, easy job if your patient BUT be mindful that the connectors are for YAMAHA and you can't nip down the shop for a new one..! So that said what I did was to get a big board and pinned all the old loom to it then next to it I built the new one as I got to the end of the run I cut off the original connectors and re-attached them, took a while but worked a treat. Don't know what you were going to do but as I said it's easy if your careful. Good luck. :D

P.S. I bought a used loom from the USA and used that for spare parts that I couldn't get anywhere else. Just be aware that U.S looms are different in that the headlight fittings are NOT the same as UK ones, apparently folks in the USA can't turn their own lights on so it happens automatically? Plus check the year for any spares you buy as they change without notice if you drift to far from your year of manufacture.

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Try these folk for japanese connectors, laminated wiring diagrams etc. No connection (pardon the pun) other than I have used them in the past


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Same here. Use the original connections. Cut them off 2 or 3 inches down and solder and heatshrink onto the new stuff.

You may find once you have it properly stripped out that the nasties caused by the alarm are easy to sort.

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