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  1. I've just acquired a 2000 Diversion an,d looking through its history, there have been a couple of "wiring" issues. There's a manual for an alarm in the paperwork but no alarm fitted and, on looking inside the front fairing, there appears to be a fair amount of electrical tape wrapped around various wires. I don't know what's been tapped into or disconnected in the hidden parts of the loom. The price of a new loom is extortionate and second hand ones can come with their own problems so I am thinking of making my own replacement loom. I reckon I can source the connectors, cabling and
  2. Delkevic do replacement pipes and collection boxes for 1994-2003 XJ900s.
  3. Hi, I've added an XJ900S Diversion to the garage and, after a bit of Googling, found the YOC. I've been looking for shaft drive bike for quite a while now to commute to work on, no real options out there apart from the Divvy and the Honda Deauville, and not that many in my price range. Finally found one yesterday and splashed the cash this morning on a 2000 model. Looking forward to riding it, looking after it and tinkering with it. Hopefully the Triumph Explorer won't get jealous and will share the love
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