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  1. Hello Ryan Well done you, your never too old. Just look at me Enjoy........
  2. Hello and welcome, just joined recently too.....
  3. I agree, however surely to be both Crumpet on the pillion pad & ride your own cruiser would be the dream woman! Oh ok, I will ensure I check this out. Thanks dav a
  4. Ah ha Thanks bippo for the message, love the "know their crumpets when it comes to cruisers" line Not afraid to ask the guys and they have provided great advice already. I'm going to buy a Yamaha 535 virago to start with and see how I go.
  5. Now this did make me chuckle and brought back memories!
  6. Hi Andrewjstreet just joined myself and they all seem a good bunch, sorry unable to help regarding the DT125, as honestly I have no idea. But wishing you luck....
  7. Excellent, thank you for this info Ttaskmaster So far lots of sound advice, thanks guys and good to join you all
  8. Great thanks Cynic sound advice, I will look into this
  9. Thanks Dave for the advice, but wanted to start small to gain bike road sense and confidence before I went to something more powerful Are you a member if any bike clubs in Bedford? E.g Oakley ?
  10. Thanks for the welcome wave! Actually looking for a XVS Virago 125 to start with but not found the right one yet!
  11. Total Newbie in every way and looking to get some hopefully sound advice from everyone. You seem a friendly bunch so looking forward to joining you all and roll on the spring !
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