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  1. PS. Just got a used Haynes manual off eBay ( what more does a guy need!) Pictures are just to show the ‘challenge’ awaiting me this winter but don’t show all of the neglect and bodge ups done over the years. By the time I am finished I hope to have it looking ‘like new’ again
  2. Hi Guys, just joined after purchasing a XJ900f - 30+ years after buying my first one and touring Germany on it. Never touched that one. Just checked tyre pressures and oil level then rode it there and back and it never missed a beat. Got this one (in a very sad state) as a winter project for 21/22 and plan on doing all the work myself (with the help of YouTube) I can offer MIG welding if anyone needs it + I can spray paint in my workshop. The only help I can see I will need is a special socket(?) to undo the handlebars as none of my sockets will fit. Cheers and safe riding
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