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  1. For those of you that didnt attend, here is a short video of what you missed from some of the bikes: We had around 140,000 people down...not bad going for a 2 day event...
  2. Event guides are here, and there is still time to register (https://coventrymotofest.com/get-involved/register-bike) if you want to bring your bikes down to show, or to put on the track:
  3. Get On (http://www.geton.co.uk/) will be at the event, so if your older kids/partner want to try their hand at biking, in a safe environment, for free, bring them down and they can try their hand at being on two wheels!
  4. If you are bringing an R7, fuck the year of manufacture...bring it down! Its a fully outside, in the elements show, however there are some small covered areas, and some that are less likely to get the wind and rain (as its a city centre). As for somewhere to store bikes overnight, we do have some storage space, but its not a lot, and is generally reserved for the sponsors/ducati motogp bike (did i mention we are trying to get a capirossi motogp bike on circuit?) etc... send in a request (https://coventrymotofest.com/get-involved/register-bike) and ill have a chat with the group at our next meeting first week of may. And to anyone else, the main "show" section is for bikes older than 20 years old, we do have a section for newer bikes, but its not on the main "show strip" and is just to the right of it, so please feel free to bring down anything you have. john
  5. You may have heard about the proposals to bring motor racing back onto UK highways, we were part of the driving force behind it...we hope to have properly timed sprint races up and running next year or the year after: http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/monaco-grand-prix-style-street-12884716 Bike places are starting to fill up, but we can always accomodate more people, sign up sheet is below: https://coventrymotofest.com/get-involved/register-bike
  6. Come and find us, I'll be wearing hi viz, I'll be the slightly thinner one of the two fat young lads there
  7. Hi Oldfjman, sorry to hear this, unfortunatly as we take up so much of the city centre we have to schedule around other events, and this leaves us with only a few possible weekends to run the event (think how we feel as its TT week ), this one being the best we can do for the moment, however i will bring it up again at our next meeting (mid Feb). Ive just checked though and the Bikeathlon is on the 11th of June 2017, we are the weekend before...so see you on the sunday? Also, and i know its a different charity, but we have the Bloodbikers down each year. This year we are hoping to have a ride-in with them heading the convoy, times and places to be decided but probably a route from near kennilworth castle into the city centre. CoventryMotoFest
  8. More awards... http://www.mipaa.co.uk/coventry-motofest-receives-mipaa-chairmans-award-2016/
  9. Just a quick reminder for people, the event is on in under 5 months time, more info to follow soon...
  10. we are having our first official meeting at the end of the month, ill start updating this page a bit more often.
  11. It was pretty amazing, i had a trackside pass and made full use of it to watch the Vulcan from 2m away...it sounded amazing The event is obviously a long way away, this post was just to get some press info out to everyone, and to start the ball rolling, get you guys to book the dates off and to start thinking of who wants to come down, the TDR would look damn good by the way Ill start harassing people into action around the start of 2017, still of all the forums ive posted on this has been the first to reply, so ill try and get a good spot for the yamaha's. We had a "wheelie machine" down this year, i got to have a go on an MT-10, tempting bike, im undecided between that and a triumph 1050...
  12. Hope this is fine to post here as my first post... Hello everyone, i am one of the motorcycle organisers of the Coventry MotoFest, now that the latest show is over its time to start planning for the 2017 event. We hope to have more static bikes, more bikes on track, and more biking-related activities next year and for this we need the help of bikers like yourselves. We had over 125,000 people come down this year for the 2 day event which is immense considering this was only the 3rd year we have run the event, the national press loved it (see below), but then again we did have a £1.8m aston martin supercar, racing trucks, drift cars, formula cars, le mans racers, turbo drag bikes, classic 2-stroke GP racers, classic british bikes, modern-classic japanese bikes, the front end of an aircraft, wheelie machines, rides for the kids and our own specially brewed beer (the MotoFest Multigrade). Press Reports http://www.topgear.com/car-news/motorsport/gallery-cars-coventry-motofest-2016#1 http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/car-news/95806/aston-martin-vulcan-and-more-at-coventry-motofest-2016 http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/burning-rubber-hot-sun-draw-11430003 http://www.itv.com/news/central/update/2016-06-03/weekend-picks-coventry-motofest/ http://www.motorcyclenews.com/news/2016/june/coventry-motofest-gets-a-taste-for-two-wheels/ http://www.motorbiketimes.com/news/motorbike-shows/coventry-motofest-sees-record-crowd-attendance-as-125-000-take-part-in-two-day-event-$21386501.htm http://www.bennetts.co.uk/bikesocial/news-and-views/news/2012/2016/june/ex-schwantz-dunlop-sheene-bikes-to-run-at-coventry-motofest-this-weekend/#.V1gVrfkrJhE Social Media https://coventrymotofest.com/ https://twitter.com/CovMotoFest https://www.facebook.com/coventrymotofest/ If you feel like taking part i will be your main contact (until we update the website to accept bike entries for 2017), start talking amongst yourselves about bringing a selection of bikes down between you all, our only stipulation is that to be part of the track or static display they need to be at least 20 years old in 2017 (i.e. need to be manufactured before 1997). Its free to enter the static display, and if you want to go on track thats free as well. If you do wish to come down for a static display it would be good for you to nominate one respected forum/club member as a "team-leader", i can contact them, and they can contact you...and vice versa. Hope to see you down, ill keep updating this page as we get new information. Coventry MotoFest 2017, 3rd-4th June 2017, 10am-6pm, Coventry town centre (Bull Yard for the bikes) ---------------- As for myself, ive been biking for almost 15 years, had a 2001 Diversion 600 for 3 months before some idiot wiped me out on it, currently own a 1989 fzr 1000 exup-r, 1993 zxr 400 L3 track bike, 1994 zxr 400 road bike, 1989 fzr 250 r exup and a 1999 malaguti 70cc racing scooter as well as 4 cars.
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