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  1. very different from my dt125r 1999, but believe sorted for now,powervalve now turning when engine revved,
  2. sorry for not a proper introduction, thanks for the message,
  3. hello members, good day just bought the other week a yam dt125re, but think the sellers saw me coming a bit ! already the bike needs some attention, ie power valve, because when just ignition turned on (no starter)the powervalve makes usual noise, ie moves and cleans itself procedure, but when running the bike noticed it seemed bit down on power and torque when riding, anyway removed l/h powervalve cover (2 screws) and saw that the powervalve is not advancing when engine is revved, indeed not moving at all other than when 1 st turn ignition on. when i bought bike from a garage they would not let me test ride it without full money in their hands, but just started bike stationary in showroom and merely revved bike, i did inspect bike as thoroughly as i could, not wanting to blame anyone just cure/fix bike as now its mine, and like the bike, but just want it to run well again. would prefer to have powervalve turning torque and top end power rather than just locking valve position open or closed etc, anyway to test the ypvs servo without replacing, or gussing the cdi could be suspect ? my mechanical and electronic skills ltd. long message, appreciate any input guys, but can,t order any sh parts as rather skint for a little while, though do have spare time to look into problem thx
  4. sorry guys, been a while ! basically starter motor was fried, got it cranking, then fitted new plug br8es ngk and fresh fuel and cleaned air filter ( replacement starter motor /used but works) and think most important thing was spending 1 hour tuning carb, much to the joy of my near neighbours ! bike seems ok now and learnt a few things along the way, thanks to the haynes bible and this good y.o.club site and members, thanks
  5. hello, update bike now running nicely, thanks for all your help
  6. i wish i kept my dt175mx ! uncomplicated and so easy to repair or kmx 200 , this dt125 x s.m. elec start is great when reliable but a pain to service, as loaded with a whole lot of electronic and mechanical gizmos ! but hope to make some progress very soon.
  7. update , last saturaday removed starter motor myself, not really that difficult (thank god) haynes manual usually good but they mix up the step by step pics with tzr bike,not helpful. anyway a friend gave some instant advice, ie starter motor is deceased and heading for the pearly gates upstairs, cos would,nt turn over when power applied directly and closer examination , part of the magnets in the can have broken up and basically whole thing damaged/mangled. though good news i have recieved yesterday a working s/h one, sent 24hr delivery,good good.i hope to fit tommorrow friday,if i can brave the weather ! keep popping inside for breaks before i come a snowman. fairly confident i can get the starter fixed on and working again, however bike needs some work in other areas, ie would only tick over with choke on, could need carb jets cleaned out ?, but last time tried there was no a.i.s connection tube to front pipe,could poss be this, but got a sh airbox to go on and might strip carb while between swopping airbox,s as easier to access carb with no airbox, so can pull carb back and remove easier or just tilt and remove carb bowl, anyway hope to have bike running smoothly and idling nicely friday or definately over weekend !! old airbox has been badly chopped about by the top snorkel area (and snorkel rubber missing ) with loads of tape, could run as is but like bike to run std trim, fingers crossed have bike elec starting and idling right (with choke off ) next 24 48 hrs 36 hrs !? if i can put the hours in should be ok, a good evenning to all yamaha bikers,thanks
  8. tested solenoid with a voltmeter for input and ouput, shows working, cleaned all connections,inc earth lead,battery terminals, sol terminals, still clicks,good battery, evvenning gents . i believe starter motor needs attention !!! though once in a blue moon does turn motor, connection in motor ? priced up new motor £250 without vat ! but good news they sell spares inc brushes to (not me)rebuild starter. even sh ones very dear!!!! and my local ?nearest repair shop want £48 per hourly labour to work on it. i know starter motor is held by 3 screws behind lh sidecase, but starter clutch might also need attention and told these sometimes seize up apparently, giving the motor a hard time.plus i would need flywheel rotor stap holding tool and 3 leegged puller ? to poss access ring gear and starter clutch. thanks for hearing me out
  9. swopped another battery into the misbehaving bike, and does exactly the same click, click,click,. think i will wait 1 week till get some dosh then gat a garage mechanic to investigate this very naughty behavour, so many things and possibilities it could be, from simple to complicated and always goes dark these evenings too quickly, atleast leave it a few days maybe, have got another bike to ride meantime . thanks guys for your input anyway,cheers
  10. thanks vez and 2 wheels yamaha owners, i,ve read vez link as well,thanks. don,t want to risk damaging starter supplying power directly but interesting, m and p believe do cheaper batteries, can afford but don,t really want to do till sure its the battery, did,nt have great deal of time today, but hopefully sort out soon .thanks guys, this post might be of help to other dt 125 re / x owners possibly. will let u know once done,thanks again
  11. update........... managed to get engine running by bumping the bike, 3rd attempt before i nearly collapsed (unfit and lazy smoker ). anyway pleased with for the moment, bike ran fairly well,bit more umph than my other dtx, however could,nt get to idle without choke, even though was warmed up, believe missing connecting pipe that should be connected to front pipe to r/h connector unit by rh dummy rad area (missing when got bike ),could block off both ends but rather replace soon , so runs stock condition till bike runs smoothly. anyways still not getting starter to turn !!!!!!!!! wemoto want 45/50 for a new battery (ouch ), not sure as not obvious if my batt is any good, holds some charge, might try jump leads when friend comes round ?!!! really like 2 get bike elec starting without having to take to a garage as bike not road legal yet and would mean need collecting and re delivering £££. bike was supposed to have had work done to starter at some point. so used to kickstart bikes , bit lost with faulty eleccy start .ps good evenning to all yamaha enthusiasts today . anyway know cdi box and stator good as runs now,by bumping, wicked .tried looking on u tube for advice /tech on starter motor probs, but only really car clips , no good.
  12. thanks vez, done this but still no joy, but got a few ideas by looking through the haynes manual whilst bored, but probably have to wait for some daylight again, at least giving battery time to charge properly, thanks . will post again if the thing starts, cross fingers and long preyer !!
  13. just to ad , there is some juice in the battery as lights stay on, however charging battery now as eventually battery does die when trying to start, even though really just clicks not a lot else !!!!!!!!!!
  14. just to ad , there is some juice in the battery as lights stay on, however charging battery now as eventually battery does die when trying to start, even though really just clicks not a lot else !!!!!!!!!!
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