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  1. Well done on the CBT. Have fun and stay safe.
  2. Glad to hear you're not too badly hurt. Not surprised nobody stopped. I was taken off in June, again in rush hour, and not a single person (apart from the tit who knocked me off) stopped to help. Hope you get better quickly and I hope the police find the fuckpig and nail his testicles to a wall.
  3. Today, trying to overtake White Van Man, every time the road ahead was clear and straight I started the overtake and the arse put his foot down. Only managed to get past him when he came up on a slower moving car and couldn't accelerate. Why? Why do they feel the need to stop a motorbike doing what motorbikes do?
  4. obriens65

    How Many Left

    Apparently I have the only 1992 XV750 registered in the UK!!! Who knew?
  5. obriens65


    Looks great with the gaiters on.
  6. She's a real beauty.
  7. I'm with Cynic on this. My youngest bike was 17 years old when I bought it, my oldest bike was 32 tears old. I didn't buy them because they were inexpensive I bought them because the made me grin when I saw them and grin even wider when I sat on them for the first time. Older bikes have character where the newer ones are just clones with different badges on. This is a picture of me the day I bought my current, 24 year old, XV750. Do I look like I bought it because it's cheap?
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