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  1. Lol @ Mike1949, Got my 'beers from the woods' but they've gone already - Now I've got to go out and re-stock
  2. Hi folks, I might be a bit early to say this BUT.............Happy Christmas! Well I hope you lot have been good this year otherwise - well you know the score. All the best to one and all. I would personally like to thank Drewpy for the help he gave me this year with the XJ600.
  3. mrtone

    Puter stuff.

    Slightly off topic but to all you gamers out there DO NOT buy the new Mafia 3 game for PC - It does not run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The developers are well aware of it due to the vast ammounts of complaints - me included.
  4. Why not ride a goat instead
  5. Hi Folks. With the kind permission from Drewpy I have L/R side pannier brackets to fit XJ600 pre diversion (no box's) that I am giving away for free. All I ask is that you pay for postage. Need a bit of clean up/re-spray. If interested PM me for details.
  6. A bit of a late reply lol. Not a brown trouser moment but a WTF moment!.......................There we were, my GF and me, driving along on my Garelli Rekord when all of a sudden a mini decided to turn right across our path with no indication. The result, both of us flying over the top of the mini - all in slow motion. Those that have expereinced this will know what I'm talking about. Worth google'ing it too. Some interesting stuff about this. The Brown Trouser moment happened when I was behind a lorry on a wet day waiting to overtake. I ducked out only to see an oncoming car so pulled back behind the lorry waiting for the car to pass but to my horror the lorry slammed on it's brakes..........................so did I only to find I'd lost the front end and was sliding rapidly beneath the lorry's rear end. I found myself between the lorry's back axle thinking 'If this lorry is too big to pass the oncoming car then it's going to reverse'. Of course it didn't otherwise I wouldn't be typing this now! Now this could be a surreal moment - or monty python - but when the lorry drove off I was sitting in the middle of the road still in a bit of a daze when some OAP asked if I was OK being a passer by at the time.
  7. Spike (on his headstone) 'I told you I was ill'
  8. You can't get better than Spike Milligan - unfortunatley I should have put 'Old Spkikes' sayings in first - maybe some one will I hope. There's a bit of logic somewhere with Groucho as well as Spike and all - Noel Coward and the rest.......................... To quote Groucho............'If a black cat walks across your path........this indicates that the cat is going somewhere' 'I remember my first sexual contact..........I've still got the reciept'
  9. mrtone

    How Many Left

    Cheers Blackhat I'll get my head out of my electric oven now.
  10. mrtone

    Henry Cole

    Clarkson couldn't give a shit being 'one of the elite'. Up his own arse!!!!! As for Henry Cole, at least he comes across as being 'Normal'. Although I'd like to have his money to buy a bike of my dreams - not for profit I add. just to ride. I might settle on a USU Quickly USU?
  11. mrtone

    How Many Left

    Infamy, infamy..............they've all got it in for me
  12. mrtone

    How Many Left

    Thanks for calling me an idiot anyoldiron. .
  13. mrtone

    How Many Left

    https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/# Just thought I'd post this Check your Bike/Car out.. Linked to DVLA. I'm a proud owner of a Saab 9000i Classic - only 24 left in the UK.
  14. mrtone


    Wot they should do is only allow HGV's to use it from 8pm until 4 am.........................then it'll make way for MORE cars to clog it up!
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