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    ridding, ridding, ridding and having a laugh life without laughter is no life at all x x

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  1. Hey there fella/chick.... Sounds like a sweet idea, what dates you roughly thinking of? me and a couple of mates were thinking of doing something similler around start June maybe we could club together...we've all been ridding 3-4yrs and aren't scared of bends if you catch my drift! Let us know when and were....till then take it easy
  2. Hey well done mate, I was following your story. Glad you got the attention you guy's so rightfully deserve, and congrats on rising so much for an extremly worthy cause. I'll remember to look out for a copy of MCN this week.
  3. Hey there guy's and welcome to the forum and biking hope you have fun take care
  4. Hey there fella I use Aqoute.co.uk they are an umberella company there rates have always been very compatative I've never found a cheaper quote. Good Luck mate. Have fun on your new baby x
  6. Hey hunni, Wow looking good there babe, as for a paint job I whouldn't unless your gonna keep the original fairings and spray up molds, people always think a bikes been smacked up if the paints not factory. Shes lush just the way she is anyway. Keep up the good work x x
  7. Hey thats sounds like a top idea, My mate just got a job with a local Yammy dealer I'll ask him to see what needs to be done, costs ect get back to you.
  8. Hey guy and welcome to the forums, I know what you mean about bikers not noding any more. I only started a few years ago and in that time I've seen I drop in nods, I personaly always nod its make you feel like your in a family and when if I'm having a bad ride (not often) it always makes me feel better..Plus how many car drivers do you see talking to fellow drivers at lights or waving at each other when they go past.....it's a small thing but it's another joy of biking the community and I think we have to work to keep that going. Take care x .
  9. Hey hun welcome, good luck with your tests ect look forward to hearing all about your ride outs ect take it easy x
  10. Hey and welcome back, whats happening at the NEC this week? I'm always working whenever bike events are on but I'm of this thurs and fri? Sweet job you got now even though it is for Honda (they do no there shit when it comes to bikes though) good luck with that and uni. Take care x
  12. LMFAO That was quaility. I was having a really rubbish evening and then I read this THANK YOU LOL
  13. You guys are soooo lucky to live in those areas, I rode to Scotland last year to see Dad lives in Dornach and I till you I've never experianced roads like that before or after, fast, smooth, twistys and views to die for Next year when i go maybe we coud make a ride out, out of it x x
  14. Hey there all, i know i know the weather is leaving much to be desired but as long as we put on an extra layer on we'll be fine, any one round surrey or kent, sussex, essex want to ride out let me know I'm not letting the clouds bring me down as long as its dry I'm up for a burn long or short .
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