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  1. bych_91


    ah well i've done my cbt a friend of mine is considering a 'moped' for cheaper travel to and from work and was wondering wether he'd need to take the cbt
  2. bych_91


    for a 50cc bike do you need to do your cbt if you've got a full driving licence?
  3. what's the insurance like on the glanza? their a 140bhp...STANDARD!
  4. bych_91

    125 on a cbt

    ah, cause i have read elsewhere it's ok if you've passed your car test :\ hmmm yes, car and a bike and i'm making a LOT of sacrifices as mum or dad won't give me a penny towards it 'want it? go work for it' it's what i've been told
  5. bych_91

    125 on a cbt

    been a while i'm 17 in a month and i'm doin my car test asap and getting a car then also getting a 125 will i need L's as i hav a cbt and full car licence? will my cbt need to be re done after the 2 year certificate expires?
  6. that's motorbike capital wales on sundays they run out then to bala usually
  7. ye! and watch out for a black balde he's cost a few people some tickets few recons he's undercover :\
  8. sunday mate, head to 'betws y coed' and then 'bala' google earth it been there a few times on the back of uncle's zxr750 (yes kawak) lol! ain't been this year but yeh apparently still as good watch out for the cops though, your in richard brunston's playing field!
  9. looking back fun day out
  10. no, zx i a tad bit better but they tend to be more on the expensice side but if u get a zx for £100 or less grab it...bargain yasuni are pipes used more with big bores...or so i have been told
  11. leo vinci TT mate good pipe for what you need get 1 off ebay for 79.99
  12. DON'T TOUCH TECHNIGAS! slap a leo vinci TT on good pipe
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