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  1. Ah yes..thats just south of me...wonderful ride.
  2. I have an 82 seca 750 and love it..So far easy maintenance.
  3. Check this out..found it on ebay ebay
  4. rescue76

    Rain Ride

    Not trying to hihack the thread or argue but one thing about driving here in the states is there are so many different driving styles depending on what region you live,,,and that in turn makes for dangerous driving conditions on the highways when traveling. Those up north are used to driving fast in the snow because they get more snow than the south. Those in the mid east region are used to driving fast in the rain Hence all the rain we get. Those from the midwest get plenty full amounts of rain and snow. Now...west coast, deep southern areas of the states rarely get snow. and any rain is in small amounts. Those that live in dry areas that travel to rainy/snowy areas tend to drive slower cause crashes from those who are used to driving fast in those conditions. and vise versa those in wet/snowy areas drive to an area who gets snow once a year are used to driving in it and end up rear ending someone who is driving slow not used to it. Ill admit that I drive 65 where ever I am going..rain, snow, sleet, freezing rain....Im used to them all...I drove over the road with dad since 16 and by myself untill 21...now I drive our fire trucks no matter what weather....I cant wait for our first deep snow this year.
  5. Yes thats what Im getting at..there are too many car safety adds on and I cant really recall seeing any MC safety adds this year.
  6. www.Liveleak.com We need a few of these in the US.
  7. RainX anti fog for the inside and RainX repelant on the outside. If you get up to a decent speed the moisture build up on the outside will bead and roll off fast...the anti fog doesnt fair so well...I think its more for moisture building up in a controlled environment like in a car rather that 2 inches from your face.
  8. rescue76

    When people point

    Usually I get the Hmph look from other riders and drivers..especially at red lights. SO...seeing as where I work I dont really worry about seeing blue lights behind me....SO I show them what my 82 seca has in it...and leave em.
  9. I have not tried the oven trick but I hear thats the way to go...Usually I just pick and pry at the lens until I work the bond loose. But check around a bit more.
  10. LOL!!!!! Ill agree I was born and raised in the hills of Ky "Yes Im a HillBilly" But....I have a very respectful job....make more on the hour than anyone in my family ever. And dont have a one tract mind on as stated above..No offense. BUt I do have one question....why am I in this hand basket. and why are we traveling down this dirt road?
  11. Ill try and help...get some projector style driving or fog lights like these. They are pretty cheap at any parts store....take them apart and behind the lense you will find a metal plate mounted on the bottom. Take the plate out using the screws...they should be a close match to your projector lights...mount the metal plate on the bottom inside behind the lense in the headlight.....what your headlight is designed to do is kinda like looking thru a magnifying lense at a distance...everything is flipped upside down...by mounting the metal plate in there when the light beam is flipped the metal plate blocks the light output at the top...IE keeps from blinding on comming traffic... Not sure if this will work...but it should give you somewhere to start...
  12. rescue76

    blinker problem

    Flasher should be under the fuel tank attached with a clip to a rubber tab.
  13. rescue76

    blinker problem

    DO both the front and rear indicators come on. I had the same problem with my 82 seca. the Flasher itself was shot. Should be able to pick up a replacement at any auto parts store....if yours is like mine it will be square...or you could luck out and find one in a junk yard like i did.
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