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  1. I think Arlen Ness do kangaroo leathers but dont discount Alpinestars, Rev'it, Frank Thomas and a few others as they do some superb leathers and to be fair boots and gloves too at reasonable prices. What sort of Arai you looking at?? Ive got the Corsair Haga 41 lid and its amazingly light and visibility is good. I personally use: Arai Corsair Helmet Rev'it GT Corse 1 piece leathers Frank Thomas leather/Carbon fibre gloves Alpinestars SMX plus boots Check some of those bits out as i think they are really nice kit....
  2. Nice one mate!! Is that a removable baffle i see there!?!?!.....................lol.............hope thats removed!!! lol...
  3. Hello and welcome.... Nice bikes....Get some pics up asap!!
  4. Nice one mate!! Looks a very nice clean example!
  5. Nice choice mate and they are easy to ride and as the guys have said respect her and shee will you!!! I had a Yamaha BW50 Spy scooter then went to cagiva planet 125 then went back to the scooter while i was at uni then rode into my local yamaha dealer on the scooter and rode out on my R6!!! lol.....was a big change and just take it easy its a lovely bike and great bike to get used to!!!
  6. If its got place to put bobbins, get some and some hooks for the stand, stables the bike a treat.... Now ive got them on my R6 i would never go back....
  7. Check out Ebay for the wheel mate as thats worth a shot as there are normally 5sl wheels about on there and as for tyre usual price......
  8. Its an easy job and can be done in under 10mins as ive dont it in less than 10 myself and im not a trained mechanic either... You need 2 sockets and a spanner can remeber what sizes think they are 12mm's. Simply undo the bolt thats being held on by the pillion rearset and there is one clamping the exhaust onto the center section... There is the gasket which is inside the exhaust and which you just need to stick something under to get it to slide off... Once thats off....the new exhaust should slide off then put the link pine on then the can and then spings then tighten the allen bolt on the center section and bolt through the pillion rearset... And ta-daaaa!!! If all is tight a new exhaust should be fitted!!! Should look like this after.........
  9. I must admit i have been thinking about all of this indicator business and i have seen a R6 (5sl shape) with the intigrated rear lights and although yes the bike looked clean with the lines etc i thought it was quite hard to see the indicators and on the new shape it would be even harder id imagine to see the 2 halves of the light apart..... As for the front flush ones i think they look cool but again might attract unwanted attention. If i was you id get something like what ive got ive got which are motrax mini indicators as they are similar to standard shape and quite small.... Heres a pic As far as LED goes not entirely sure but im sure someone will be able to give you an answer on that!
  10. Off topic i know but still.......... Steve Wat car did you enter with as i was at those!!! Recognise either of these cars??? Both of these were mine did the silver one up then sold it adn the bloke was trying to sell it on for twice what he paid for it.....and the Blue one went to make room for my new kitted IS200!!!
  11. Ok I'll stand back a bit then!!! lol
  12. Matt Hillyard


    Try meguairs gold class scratch-x, meguairs gold class polish and clay then finish with their tech wax.... Takes sopme time to do but if you take you time with it brings up to an exellent shine!!!
  13. That is beautiful........... .........Can someone pass me some tissues as ive made a mess!!! Really nice mate!!
  14. Either load into the gallery and copy the link or use a site like photobucket and copy the link across!! Hope that helps! Matt
  15. That is awesome!! That is a lovely bit of kit!!! if i didnt love my R6 so much i'd definately have to have something like that as its a beauty!! the thought of a second bikes springs to mind..................how much is a kidney worth......
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