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  1. sorry for the late reply. No I wasn't going to that, don't think they'd have allowed us Sports bike owners to minglw with all the Harley's. Was a cracking long weekend though although a bit damp.
  2. The existing wiring may not take the extra load, so I'd use add in a couple of relays and wire up a new bit of loom with some heavy duty wire, the bulbs can run directly off the battey using the existing wiring as the switch for the relay. All you need to do is get a dual filament bulb. I'd also devise a way to switch off the dipped when the main light is on otherwise you could end up melting your light lens.
  3. didn't mean to do a reply ... but do agree with JABBOTT .. typically the fault is a wire coming loose on the sender inside the tank.
  4. Also try www.pepipoo.com this is a forum with very knowlegable people. They can help with a whole range of Motoring offences.
  5. Not sure whether the 125 has cable speedo from front wheel or an electronic speedo, but if it's not driven from the front wheel then be careful of your speedo under-reading, 30 mph reading could well be 34 road speed (or whatever) depending how much you change things by . . . you don't want to get caught out by camera's. Also bear in mind that by upping the front or lowering the rear to get better top speed might actually make you go slower; although the gearing would theoretically give a higher top speed, if the 125 can't pull the revs in that gear you could well end up making it slower.
  6. Unfortunately (or hopefully if the weather is good 'fortunately') I'll be riding up In Scotland from the 28th Aug through to the 1st Sept. So thanks for the invite but i can't make it. Maybe another time. Cheers Chris
  7. The Cat & Fiddle is in Derbyshire/Cheshire and is the main road betweeen Buxton and Macclesfield. To be honest the road isn't as bad as it's made out to be, but naturally accidents happen when you act like an idiot and don't read the road, and because it attracts a lot of biker attention it will naturally have more accidents. The Police do make a presence and again it's not that bad, especially the section after the Cat & Fiddle pub into Macclesfied (which is the best part of the road as well), but they do have a Plane that patrols the area although I've never seen it myself.
  8. I use Mobil 1 for bikes in my 2004 R6, it's got 60k+ on the cloks and stil going very well inded :-) saying that any decent brand of oil should do, just make sure it is Bike specific oil.
  9. chrisw

    Removing rim tape

    I have a Heat Gun . . looks like a hair dryer . . . blows hot air like a hair dryer . . . unfortunately it says Black and decker on the side! Just thought I'd write my previous point as I don't know how intelligent you are and some folk wouldn't have the sense then they'd come back on here moaning about the damage done! Better safe than sorry and all that !
  10. chrisw

    Removing rim tape

    DO NOT use a Heat Gun ...... it will be far too hot and will: 1) blister the paint on the rim. 2) burn your fingers. Use a hair dryer, it's nowhere near as hot as a heat gun.
  11. There's lugs on the forks that stop the bars from going past a certain point to prevent the bars hitting the tank. If your hitting these then you aren't going to get a tighter turn, but I doubt you're getting to the stops to be honest. However having dropped bars means your hands are in an awkward position to be at full lock and in control of the bike fully, byusing raised bars your hands will be in a different position that might allow you to turn the bars further and still have your hands in poition where you can control the bike in a tighter turn. There are various adjustable bars on th
  12. You've had your licence for over 6 years so the fact you've passed a bike test and had another category added to it is irrelevant, so you don't need to be concerned with losing your licence and resetting your test because of reaching 6 points. in court for 93 in a 60 (assuming non motorway) you can expect: Magistrates' Court Penalty Guidelines Eligible for COFP instead? No: Magistrates' court only Points: 6 Normal fine range: £225 - £375 (based on a £300 a week take home pay) Disqualification possible? Consider 7-56 days Maximum fi
  13. chrisw

    05 R6

    Scorpion do a stubby can for the 05 R6
  14. Thundercats don't have an Ex-up valve so it can't be that and I'm sure they only have 2 error code 1 at 3000rpm and the other at 8000rpm, the 8000 rpm fault as this is quite common. If it is the 8000rpm fault then this is just a fuel sender fault, and is usually because a wire has broken away from it's soldered joint. You need to use up your fuel so you can lift the tank and remove the fuel sender unit, once you have it withdrawn from the tank you'll be able to clearly see the wire that has broken from it's joint (if it is connected then that not the problems and could be a failure of the
  15. Why not just try using some good mole grips that tighten on to what it's gripping when you turn them (make sure you're using it the correct way round though, otherwise it will just slip).
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