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  1. Unfortunately its not as simple as that my friend!! Apart from tracks that you have to pay to ride on all you have is the green lanes and to be honest there not as easy as typing into a satnav to find! You need to source an upto date set of green lane maps, try joining a local club and you should get all the info you need! I know the lanes I ride on there kinda getting closed-I can ride along a greenlane then find myself on a track that's illegal for bikes.... I've got wrap around handgaurds Michelin ac10 tyres on for the lanes but I've given up Ken
  2. i think this has been posted before! good bit of info though ken
  3. That is a need or 2x 120dB horns me thinks!!!! I've had it happen to me Ken
  4. I keep choke on for about 5 mins, adjust idle thumb screw on carb so she revs about 2k rpm Choke off the adjust idle back to 1.5k rpm... Sometimes they meff a little blip of throttle after turning choke off. Ken
  5. I get this on my dtr, early in morning during the colder days I can ride my bike for a few foot in gear with clutch in-little blip of throttle gets them plates slipping Ken
  6. That's the shizzle right there!! Don't drink to much you will be likely to pee a strange colour and run around In circles a lot!!' You can invest in a bottle of tyre gunk that sits in your inner tube waiting for puncture then cloggs it up good stuff Ken
  7. I've used it on a tube tyre pal done the job got me home and it does say not suitable for tube tyres you are correct. Green Monster energy drink and mars bars is my pick me up and rive on food-!!! Ken
  8. It's instant puncture repair stuff, it pumps the tyre up aswell.... Only use as a last resort as its horrible stuff. Ken
  9. Waterproof over trousers, mobile phone, spark plug,bottle of water, tyre weld,adjustable spanner,screw drivers and a wank mag!!!! That's all I take Ken
  10. Norton security is a resource hog and an interfering bastard of a security program I've built pc's and fixed them for years, I could make £30 For fixing a pc because someone has installed norton and there pc runs like a bag of shit!!!! (Shops charge £60+) Ken
  11. So it was already clean? Or have you just cleaned it? Ken
  12. From cold (on a morning) 2 soft kicks with choke idle for less than 5 mins on choke Warm day 1 soft kick with a little choke, idle with choke for less than 2 mins I too can also start mine with my hand but I punched the footrest with no gloves on one day so I don't do that no more lol Ken
  13. Just stopped using that castrol stuff 1 bottle before!! Good heads up though Ken
  14. Keep the plastic expansion chamber inplace! Take out your powervalve it might be coked up and need cleaning' Ken
  15. You should get between £1k - £1.5k for it Easy Ken
  16. I've bought a cheap one (not from Aldi) wasn't the best quality so I invested in a dremel, never looked back! Ken
  17. I don't know what I put in mine its just the green one and not the black lol Ken
  18. Yz 125 is a decent start! Friend of mine is learning on one and my dtr can't get anywhere near the dam thing...... Ken
  19. Iridium plugs is all I buy there good quality and the central electrode is thinner and kinda goes to a point I paid just under £20 for 2 Just don't buy from china/hong kong as there is a greater chance to be shite! Ken
  20. Are you talking about the plastic expansion chamber that fits to the carb inlet manifold?? If so there is no real benefit from detaching it as it isn't restrictive but does serve a purpose I can't remember what it does but helps the bike run smooth Ken
  21. kenDAWG


    This forum shows perfect on the iPhone I can't grumble!! Ken
  22. Standard airbox is fine, you change filters you will have to adjust carb to compensate for it-if your dt can't suck enough air through the box you will be able to tell besides its better to have an enclosed filter for them muddy occasions/deep puddles etc Personally I would buy the standard sprocket and chain kit that should help you no ends.... Ken
  23. Pal at work has one but doesn't look half as nice as that one!! Plenty of torque and very comfortable. Nice bike Ken
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