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  1. Yeh pal I'm 31 so age isn't a problem! They have tightened the laws right up and unfortunately and the choice of bikes for the restricted license are slim unless you restrict the bike and with needing a certificate its more hassle All I wanted was a drz400 nothing fast so I was going for the restricted license but what's the point unless your not old enough for full license? Government are good at spoiling everything that's good the useless twats Ken
  2. Laverda jota 1000 and maybe a Ducati 848 evo Jota as my old man has one would like to go out to a couple of biker bashes with him. The 848 evo because there sexy as fook ( I like the 916 but there not as reliable) Don't really need to be a millionaire to own them bikes but I am a modest person Ken
  3. Always choke on for few mins when first started up!! New plug as dt502001 suggested Ken
  4. I have heard the crank seals can effect the idle and make the engine smoke a lot! Not going to be a nice job and I have also got to do this Ken
  5. To get your desired bike within the regs you would need a certificate from garage and I think there will be certain garages that will do it I was looking at doing A2 license but its become that more difficult to choose a bike within the regs ill go for the full license I was looking at the drz400 and that would need restricting even though its only a couple of hp over regs on A2 never mind the bigger wrf's Ken
  6. Rings had snapped its not in best of shape and I think the bottom end needs stripping Gutted Ken
  7. I just bought a standard bike cigarette lighter socket and a adapter that fits in for USB power!! I thought being able to use 2 different kind of plugs in 1 socket would be better. There handy along with my iPhone and water proof satnav/phone holder incase I loose power in the middle of no where! Ken
  8. Nah the other ring was cracked so its not creating a seal with cylinder!!! One if the rings has gone and nicked exhaust port and that has prob taken out the second ring.... I'm surprised there isn't any scoring or gouges on cylinder liner but there is nothing apart from the nick. Cheers Ken
  9. I have a new piston an rings along with a topend gasket kit!!! What is the chances that the broken rings won't cause any problems?? Ken
  10. I really don't have time for an engine strip I think I might have to sell her on with problem. Working 12hrs a day and also DIY in house on weekend..... Bloody hell-my reliable dt has let me down (Pm sent to nev) Cheers Ken
  11. What do you think parts of a ring could do if they have getting into bottom end? Is it worth getting a magnetic sump plug?? To say I'm fucking gutted is an understatement, also the bolts with the hole in middle used for the heating pipes from head to carb I've snapped one. Any ideas where to look for one? Cheers Ken
  12. Do you think I could get away with a quick stint on my trusty dremel?? I'm a little gutted as I wanted it sold soonish there's a nice honda ns125 I wouldn't mind taking a look at, comes with a full spare bike (same model just needs painted up and clutch looking at for both for £1.2k) Ken
  13. Well got the cylinder and head off her!! Doesn't look nice. First glance the head looked fine apart from small dents all over the detention surface. Then the cylinder didn't have any obvious marks or chunks missing but the piston had 1/4 of a ring missing and a few bits lying in bottom end! Also the small end baring where stuff as hell, I had to get a pin and hammer to knock out pin. I've test fitted a new piston and I find when I push in the piston there is resistance at the top of exhaust port so I'm guessing that's not good. Would it be worth getting the dremel out and tryin to smooth over the edge of exhaust port? Cheers Ken
  14. Why are you increasing or decreasing tooth so dramatically???? 1 tooth on the front is equal to 3 on the rear! 1 tooth at a time. On a 15t you would gain excelleration but shorten the gears and loose topend! I can't understand why you need to change the gear ratio so dramatic, also to consider you would have to remove chain links when dropping sprocket size that much Are you dropping the size because you think the front sprocket goes by 3's?? Front you can increase and decrease 1 tooth at a time Ken
  15. Looks awesome that does.... Good job there Ken
  16. you are going up too many tooth in 1 go, try 17t instead.... i didnt like it, you get longer in gears but you fight with the bike to keep speed whilst going uphill. cheers ken
  17. 19 tooth?? That's a bit of a difference from 16 lol Don't think the sprocket would fit and even if it did the bike would ride slow as shit and wouldn't pull at all in high gears. I tried 17t and didn't gain anything apart from having to drop down a gear and scream it to get up hills. Mine is running standard sprockets now and I can get 70mph so happy days for me Ken
  18. Well had the carb off with reeds in place I've pushed the kick start down repeatedly and noticed the reeds don't open 1 bit and there covered in petrol. I belive Rings have worn, piston top is black as to be expected but there is only what I can describe as burning to a small part of the edge of piston on exhaust port side. No loose bits of metal or anything! Must admit the piston and rings I bought where cheap. I've snapped my 12mil spanner so couldn't take the cylinder off but I rubbed my finger around in there and couldn't feel any scratches etc.... Ken
  19. kenDAWG

    ebay costs

    you get a cost to list your item depends on auction format and pictures, the more you select you find the more you have to pay to list. you get a final valuation charge then to top it off paypal want some aswell also royal mail have changed there price structure so you sell something get hammered up the arse off ebay and paypal then royal mail want there cut ebay used to be a brilliant place to buy stuff cheap but these costs are pushing up the sellers prices. bastards ken
  20. kenDAWG

    selling my dt

    the derbi gpr125r has a very good write up and there not cheap by anymeans, more expensive than the nsr's and mitos.. ive owned a jc20 nsr and i love the look of them the old style twin headlights and alcast gold frame.... soooooooooooooo many choices ken
  21. what interests me in biking... hmmmmmm cheapness fresh air time to think (without the other half chewing your ear off) high performance for less cost just a few ken
  22. kenDAWG

    selling my dt

    been looking at the tzr, and cagiva supercity's ... i got an offer of a straight swap for a tzr for my dt about 5mnth ago but i knocked it back lots of choices hmmmmmmmm ken
  23. kenDAWG

    selling my dt

    well im going to fix up my dt and sell her in the next couple of weeks, im looking at a change of riding style so more the 2 stroke racing look rather than enduro!! got a few options so ill throw ones im looking at see if you lot have any ideas on the best choice!! derbi gpr125r honda nsr jc20 aprilia rs125 cagiva mito anymore i should consider? im looking at spending in region of £1.5k im leaning more towards the nsr jc20 ive always liked them cheers ken
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