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  1. all sorted now no more weird drive chain noises!!
  2. ive now cleaned and lubed the entire chain and now letting the lube soak in for a few hours, even after just cleaning i noticed the squeaking noise has gone so hopefully it just needed some tlc but ill keep you posted if the noise returns
  3. ive checked the sprockets and there doesnt appear to be any wear on them so im gonna clean and lube and see how that goes, if that fails ill do a replacement jobbie
  4. ah gotcha, makes sense now!! ill clean and lube tomoro and let u know the outcome
  5. Chris_Lowe


    is there any plans to get this forum native on an app such as tapatalk? i use tapatalk for all the other forums im on and its so much easier to use than using a browser window on the iphone
  6. thanks for the reply, its all sorted now getting some bar end mirrors as i love the look of them and will source another MC that will sit more flush on the new bars. How can I mark this thread as solved?
  7. ok thanks ill have a go tomorrow, gotta get all the cleaning stuff before i get cracking though! When you say don't clean the chain with the rear wheel in the air do you mean don't have it on a paddock stand etc? If so what's the reason for this as i assumed that was the best place to have it?!? I've tightened the chain before (not overtightened) as it sometimes seems like there's a rhythmic clunking noise when I'm driving along which i assumed was the drive chain, especially if I try and take off in a higher gear than I should (newb error). This whole learning process is brilliant but it
  8. hi all, sorry for the sheer amount of posts and questions but i have no real clue about the workings of my bike! I've noticed that the drive chain is making a weird squeaking noise, could this just be a matter of cleaning and lubing the chain or would it suggest that its too tight or loose? Ive checked the slack and there seem to be some spots where it is tighter than other spots, is this normal? Thanks
  9. did you shorten all the handlebar cables wen u put the smaller bars on? im tryin to find how to do it but cant work out how
  10. ive just installed some new, lower profile handlebars on my Virago XV 125, all installed and looking pretty sexy but as they dont have as much pullback as the stock bars i now have an excess of cables going to all controls. How easy is it to trim these cables down so it doesnt look like spaghetti junction anymore? Also due to the new angle of the bars the stock wing mirror mounts are now making the mirrors stand almost vertically. Is there any inserts you can thread in that will take the angle to a more asthetically pleasing angle or is it a matter of getting new mirrors?
  11. ah cool thats alot of worry off my mind! handy to learn tips like that, didnt get told that on the cbt! Thanks to you both for replying
  12. well after todays weather ill be putting the front fender back on i think maybe ill just chop it down a bit
  13. hi guys was riding the other day, put a little too much pressure toward the toes on my left foot and the bike shifted down a gear without the clutch being pulled in. wats the cause of this? is the clutch cable too tight? thanks in advance
  14. hmm ok ill call em and find out. the bike is an import so not sure how easy it will be to find info about it as standard, im just concerned that i may get pulled over due to not having it although i too have seen bikes on the road without front mudguards. maybe ill just leave it on and chop it down instead
  15. ive taken the front mudguard off my xv125 but was wondering if its a legal requirement to have one in the UK. i have found conflicting arguements but want to know for certain
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