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  1. They say that during sex you burn off as many calories as running 8 miles. Who the hell runs 8 miles in 15 seconds?
  2. So Sorry for both yours and Kev's loss. they are such a small member of our families but make the biggest dent in our world when they are no longer about to receive that long awaited pat on the head. love and respects to you both and your families
  3. Noise


    C4 makes anything go faster and makes a fantastic back fire sound
  4. Noise

    cheaky Gits

    Run it over or blow the fucker up either way its a win win
  5. Noise

    cheaky Gits

    Absolutely ridiculous, sometimes it feels that motorcyclists are kinda hated and easy targets in more ways than one. Fuck it, im just going to go buy a tank and drive one of them around, can't nick me for speeding then
  6. Never heard of him, is he supposed to be famous?
  7. FIXED IT!!! found my old set of carbs in the shed, pulled off the TPS and stuck it on this bike, no warning light, no spluttering just runs and pulls like a train again. I do love a free bee fix Thanks again slice for the info you dug out
  8. Noise

    Thick as shit

    Hey folks, thought id have a little rant and give you a giggle. I have been helping a mate of mine fix his road legal Pit bike 140cc (stomp??) and yesterday i had to remove two fucked screws out of his stator plate so he could upgrade it. Anyway before that he asked if i had a flywheel puller and sadly id don't, followed swiftly by the "how do i remove a flywheel then" question..............."with a puller" i reply. Then the screw extraction procedure happened, how he got the flywheel off i did not ask. i do the biz and remove the two fucked screws and fit the new stator and leave for home to my chicken stew and dumplings.....nom nom nom Hour later he tips up at mine on the bike and is well happy and lets me have a go and i got to say apart from the cramped riding position its actually a lot of fun but only for 30mins or so, no way you can go long distance on them. He then buggers off home. But then i get a text.........................bikes fucked and didn't make it home, flywheel had come off taking the woodruff key with it. I nip out to get him home and he's now asking if he needs the woodruff key and how the best way to fix it and after half an hour explaining that he needs a new crank as the groove that the key goes in is now proper mashed he's telling me that his other mate is saying the key is useless and isn't even needed. That's when i go my stuff and left. Total knobs
  9. cheers slice! That bloke had pretty much what this bikes doing so i might look at going to the Yammy dealer to see if they can plug it in, (hopefully won't brake the bank) then see if it is the CDI unit or the TPS.
  10. Thanks Lassy, Sadly this 650 is a 1997 model and does not have a O2 sensor. think its only when they brought out the 950 they went onto fuel injection and put the O2 sensors on.
  11. Hey folks wondering if any of you have had this problem before as its not really stated in the manual. A chap that used to be on here (Auzz) is not off to go and work out in Saudi for a few years so gave me his 650 draggy to fix up and sell on but it is in a sorry state and in urgent need of some loving. Now for a bit about the bike, she starts up ok with the engine light going out as it should, it struggles to idle to start with but then she settles down and tick over fine, (carbs need looking at) she will then ride fine and pull hard but as soon as you pull on full throttle she will bog down, pop and fart till you ease off a bit, (air leak / jets) Here's the bit thats stumping me though, after about 1 - 2 miles the engine warning light will come on and stay on, no flashing or nowt, just comes on solid. In the manwell it states about it coming on with the ignition for 1.4 seconds then going out, and if if flashed 3 times it could be the TPS, but there is nothing about a solid warning light? she still rides fine and pulls hard with it on but its a problem that needs addressing. Any ideas?
  12. 40 minute wank! hat's off to the bloke i can't even make my hand look remotely attractive enough to get a 40 second shuffle.
  13. Hi Mikko, It took me some digging but in the end i found the whole crank with con rods on Ebay USA. by the time i had finished messing about with a full gasket set and oil pump etc it would have been cheaper to just buy a new second hand engine (plenty on Ebay) It take a fair bit of hunting my friend for a good crank so don't loose track.
  14. Long video but its only for the Johnson quote!!
  15. Is your mates Seaman stains and master bates helping you with this one? I'm thinking the rapture will be starting before one of these projects are actually finished haha.
  16. Noise

    Name for my DT

    I have named bikes but only the ones that i deemed worthy of a name, like Betty (regret loosing her a wee bit now) and then i have Jennifer. Named the 650 draggy Betty as when i first got her she was a sweaty fat thing so the name fitted well. Then i got the cb750 chopper and as she's a 1970's model and the most popular name for girls in the 70's was Jennifer it seamed to fit.
  17. Sorry chap but unless your going to stick 4 wheels on it then no matter how fat the tyres you fit you will still loose grip on certain ground. I'm fully into the modifying of bikes and will certainly be checking in on your progress but heed the advice that the money you pump into a 125 can go towards a big bike and you really will never get that dosh back when the time comes to sell. Good lucj
  18. Noise

    Project hakka

    Well that was silly, word of wisdom....never put wheel bearings in when drunk as your just be buying a new set. Twat haha.
  19. Bippo. You are flipping marvelous!! Your the type of lass that will put most male bikers to shame and I'm one of them! Hats of to you hun and once again yet another fantastic write up and loved reading it.
  20. Well, you know some times you need to go a little foamy to get the idea across ha ha
  21. Might be a bit late, but in Halfrauds they sell a cutting compound (a mild one) called G3 and its shit hot and polishing at removing the fat girls ass syndrome out of newly painted clear coat. If the touch up pen is visible try rubbing some of this all over the tank to blend it in, you dont need to rub it like you want to see the metal work underneath but not so soft that your trying to stroke it to sleep. Gentle but firm (thats the way we like it )
  22. Looks like another great weekend! weather was on your side too. The camera did make my eyes go a bit funny too Meat ha-ha great to watch tho Drew, thank you.
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