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  1. gaz


    Ssott oiler is a very good idea, they prolong the life of your chain fer quite a bit, I hav'nt got an alarm on me bike ,just chains ,disc lock an data tag, but then again the big Divvy is'nt really a target for the teeves.
  2. gaz

    Techie Help

    Try taking the two wires out of the kill switch and twist them together, then try an start it, if it fires up the kill switch is knackered.
  3. Not Harley fan at all. You need ter wear a leather waistcoat wi tassels on ter ride one of those, and you must have a leather stetson ter wear as well ,when you tek yer lid off.
  4. gaz

    hey mozzy

    I think the simple twat has seen too many films about the war, no sane person talks like he's the drill seargent from full metal jacket, an before you kick off irish you aint the only person in the feckin world to have seen active service. always assuming that you are older than 15.
  5. gaz


    I've had er off road a coupla times , an it's about the most fun you can have wi out teckin your claes off. One of the most forgiving bikes i've rode for a while,and off the mark it can leave a few sporty types standing, top end is only bout 90 though. Round here in Weardale with all the twistys though its a real hoot.
  6. gaz


    look at me new toy, we'll not really mine, me mate is in bad fettle for a bit so he give me use of it, whaddya think,
  7. gaz

    Monday Morning IQ

    SEVEN..... arm a feckin geeneeus.
  8. gaz


    Not too keenon the stuff mesel. nearly came off the divvy a coupla times cos of it last week.
  9. gaz


    Christ , but she's a fuckin ugly bitch.
  10. gaz


    They've GOT to find the feckin weirdo guilty,an hopefully he'll be put in wi the general population when he gets banged up, Then he'll av good reason to turn white.
  11. gaz

    Guess What

    Well done that man.
  12. gaz

    the bar

    Suggy. the XJR is the bike I intend to purchase after the Divvy, look the dogs nutz.
  13. gaz


    I know this is the yam club, but i just thought i'd let you know that i had a blat on me mate's KTM 640 LC the other day, an all i can say is ,I WANT ONE. helluva lot of fun and an extemely forgiving bike, on and off road.
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