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  1. liquidcooled


    alright guys how's things with you all? we got a black lab pup a couple of months back, any of you got any idea's how to stop him lifting and chewing kitchen lino? i'm at the end of my tether repairing it sensible comments appreciated
  2. global warming is kicking in big time all over. nice pics mate
  3. love the yzf. and that honda is pretty cool looks like it could be fun to raz about on
  4. everything's great guys. got our house finally the way we want it. getting married july 14th! and yeah still running the cb back and forward to work every day rain or shine, although less of the shine what's been happening with all you guys?
  5. no problem merv i'm just glad to have helped. you'd be welcome to pop in for a visit anytime you're in my part of the country mate
  6. that's about the gayest thing i've ever seen mossy. has it got a dildo built in to the drivers seat?
  7. i miss my rd all the time scott. these things have to be done sometimes though i guess
  8. liquidcooled

    hi there!

    rememeber me?! what's the craic everyone? been a long time since i was here! thanks scott for the email with your blog mate, made a very interesting read. btw i'm still a real biker and more hardcore than half you f**kwits who doubt it
  9. hi pete! what have you got now then?? i'm commuting and doing runs at the weekend on my '78 cb550/4 still.having loads of fun racking up the miles on it, really fun wee bike.my dads mate used to own it we found out too which is nice btw the gsxrs gone now so its gay honda, no shitzuki, shared car with vikki and back to basics. just how i like it
  10. liquidcooled

    Top 10

    yep a whole lot to pick from.here's mine- joey dunlop hailwood saarinen rossi hizzy lawson schwantz doohan foggy sheene
  11. you lucky bugger pete! lovely scenery, cool roads and a gleaming xt!
  12. happy birthday scott.all the best to you mate
  13. the gsxr is still here mate. was waiting for a screen for it to come before i can sell it. and thanks merv
  14. well for the past 2 weeks i've been commuting by bike again. that cb55o i mentioned.....well i bought it. tax and mot'd. 1978, standard apart from motad exhaust and hagon shocks. lovely old bike to ride and i'm glad to be back on 2 wheels. even if it is a gay honda
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