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  1. YamaHead

    Not a new member...

    back to the forum Simon--
  2. YamaHead

    New Rider - Shropshire

    to the forum Yelldog Any pics of your FZR?......
  3. YamaHead

    New member

    to the MadHouse Chop! T-Ace's are solid machines
  4. YamaHead

    returning member new bike

    back Vol Nice Scoot!
  5. YamaHead

    No furking diy today

    Absolutely- NO FEELIN' LIKE 2-WHEELIN'!
  6. YamaHead

    Clutch drag and hard to find Neutral sorted on XJ600

    Proper clutch refurb Bigwol......
  7. YamaHead

    My 1991 XJ600

    Nice Work on the carbs!...... Remember going through mine a few times on my old XJ....... Great Bikes!.......put over 130k miles on mine
  8. YamaHead

    Chain lube... What's your opinions guys?

    I'm a long-time believer in Bel-Ray...... Affordable & it lasts!
  9. YamaHead

    xt550 holding back

    Had similar issues with my '82 XT550.... Bought a new fuel tap.....cured the problem. Hope your issues are as easily solved.
  10. YamaHead

    81 DT175 Resto-mod

    Looks Nice 'n Light now ..... UFO or Maier, more than likey make some decent aftermarket plastic for it. http://www.maier-mfg.com
  11. YamaHead

    Lasted about a week

    Cables are a Piece of Cake to replace Grouch ...... be sure to lube it with Silicone spray bewfore installing, makes 'em last alot longer
  12. YamaHead

    XJ600 pre diversion

    No apoligies needed Rob..... "Function before Form" always
  13. YamaHead

    getting a 2T

    Getting a smoker are ya?.....Lucky sod! Here's a Mito for some inspiration...... Powered by an unsuspecting KX500 lump ...... Sleeper from Hell!
  14. YamaHead

    Fork seals

    need to change fork seals on both the Barge & my XT6 ..... Got some reading up to do.....
  15. Used to roll down my street with my XT550.....kick starting it as I rolled down to the stop sign..... NumbSkull me accidently bumped the gear lever into gear......& over the bars I went ......right in front of my neighbor!