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  1. Hey Bub....you got the award my man!
  2. Vin Diesel

    counter steer

    Nah man...everyone ass steers! And the steering from your ass invokes the handlebar movement! And then goddam hucksters like Keith Code make millions of dollars telling dumbasses to do what they're already doing. He wouldn't have made those kinds bucks if he promoted that bullshit as ass steering, which is what it really is.
  3. .....for riding out of a high speed moving train? I'm undecided but I gotta make sure I might the right choice before I shoot the scene. What do you say?
  4. Vin Diesel

    F***king Ice!

    Eddy is Da Man! And don't you forget it! He's ridden more bikes and killed more Gooks than you pussies have had wet dreams.
  5. You're just a wannabe you damn loser!
  6. I ain't surprised it's not running you fucking dumbass.
  7. and some mindless dickheads....in this place! Bloody waste of good Internet space if you ask me.
  8. Well it's obvious isn't it? I need more power to jump off bridges and stuff like that.
  9. ......to ask dumbass braindead questions about Yamahas. So how can I turbocharge my DT50 to do stunts like in xXx?
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