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  1. Hello all. Been a member for years but this is my first post since 2007 so thought I'd best reintroduce myself. Only do trackdays these days on a modded 02 R6 - love it.
  2. Nice post Tom. I promised myself I wouldn't cry dammit.
  3. Boozehound

    My New Bike - R6

    Nice bike fella, looks mean in black.
  4. Happy birthday fella. Enjoy the barndance and say hi to Cletus for me.
  5. Boozehound

    new one

    How do fella. I'm just down the road from you in Greenock. Mon the Ton!
  6. Boozehound

    Steering damper

    Aye fella, piece of bun. Took me about an hour when I was hungover. You need to remove the big nut in the centre of the handlebars though so make sure you have a spanner big enough - I got mine from Halfords for a tenner.
  7. Boozehound

    Steering damper

    I honestly don't know fella as I've never ridden a R1. If you drive everywhere at 90mph then it's definitely not going to do any harm. My new bike has one fitted as standard and compared with my old R6 (with no damper) it feels far more solid through bends and over bumps.
  8. Boozehound

    Steering damper

    It's basically a piston that improves the bikes stability (pretty much eradicates tank slappers) but can make the low speed steering a little heavy. If you ride your R6 hard then it's a worthwhile investment.
  9. I had the 99 model and it was mental. I'm not too proud to say that it was a scary bike at times which lead to me fitting a steering damper. Unfortunately, I can't tell you if that made a difference as the bike was nicked the night I fitted the damper.
  10. Boozehound

    Hey up all

    Nice wheels fella, get a picture up.
  11. Boozehound

    please help

    I'm no expert on this but I'd start by testing the battery (multimeter or something) and also checking all of the fuses. Does it bump start?
  12. I've never ridden a Fazer so I can't really comment, apart from telling you how ugly I think they are. I have had the pleasure of riding a Hornet though and it is a fantastic bike. Stick a flyscreen on it and it's easy at motorway speeds and, should you decide you do want to go nuts, it'll do that too.
  13. Unlucky fella, I hope you got a discount?
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