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  1. can we use both the club 10% discount with the 15% also?
  2. how much did you pay Grouch?
  3. Everyone is entitled to wear what they like, regardless, it is their own decision and should be respected, irrespective of the safety factor. Personal insults or threats won't be tolerated, so please NO MORE Now everyone relax and get back on track with the discussion.
  4. SP30 = Exceeding statutory speed limit on a public road SP60 = Undefined speed limit offence.
  5. Let's try to keep the personal insults out of the thread guys. Cheers
  6. Anytime now, I'm off until Monday. My policy is due 24th so time is short :-) sent from my amstrad cpc464
  7. Lee, did you try ringing on Weds? I've been on nights and had a missed call from a number that I don't recognise, cheers.
  8. got my renewal through this week, 1994 Yzf750r valued @ £1500 20+ years NCB Fully comp £87 2000miles per year max garaged and only mods are slip on can and heated grips think yo could better that? DH9 post code.
  9. Beezkneez


    tapatalk app running sweet on my S3
  10. I do feel some light hearted banter has gone too far from all sides and as such this thread is now closed. issynoo please feel free to open a new thread with your solenoid/starter issues if you require any more assistance. Beezkneez. (Top Geordie shagger and all round nice guy)
  11. Not suprised mate he's a fkn inbred makem twunt :-)
  12. brake cleaner should do the trick although the chances are the pads will never be as good again I dropped my pads into a bucket of brake fluid when I was doing the seals (oops) then dried and cleaned them back up and they worked fine the times I had the bike out, BUT I will still be changing them for next year
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