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  1. well in spirit of saving a bob i figure it was worth asking. If it was one part then never but has banjo and bolt so it was 50/50. A triumph one is morgage money but have seen a couple of brands ive heard off still carry aftermarket ones 3 through 6 hundred. If it fubar its fubar and no point buying just the reservoir. Tbf i could hear a fast hissy noise like in out in out, even over my bike the wind and the road at 80mph. but could not replicate it at home to see where it comes from Will see what payday brings. Cheers
  2. Massive warning in the workshop manual section for the rear shock and remote reservoir saying must not sepertate from one another. Risk of accident etc But why? Its not built on it, Just linked from rear shock to side of head via a banjo ended pipe. Its ment to be gas filled and under 120psi Problem is that the end with the valve in has failed ie valve snapped of in my hand so now has a bolt in. No gas came out when it snapped either but i am sure thats my jack hammer death bounce swingarm is about.. took i while but gas leaked out with use etc. Why cant i just buy a new remote reservoir ? or am i missing the point here and even with a de presurised unit the spring alone would be enough to make for a good ride ergo spring/whole shock unit must be dead?
  3. Great to catch up with some old face an meet some new. That very bouncy swing arm on the triumph turned into a jack hammer by the time i got to wetherby and the just legal square rear tyre is now random flat. Front saturday morning rear sunday afternoon Ride out was great on the open but hard work for me on them tight twisties. TDR a must next time, old stiff tall Tiger is not ment for cranking hard over but i knew what to expect so tried to stay at the back not to get in the way Snug as bug by second night of tent minus bedding. Hope you all got back ok see you in six years/miles or before
  4. in typical leave it last min style i am just rebuilding front calipers and plan to head off bout five ish after ive thrown tent on.
  5. better take me of food list too. I cant stay over so will have to head back saturday night as dog not going cumbria with her so have to arrange sitter.
  6. Traffic jams. smile every time. Did Leeming Bar to Scotch Corner and back 3 times in row couple saturdays back just to play in it.
  7. Learning in a car wont help you. You get a far greater respect for the danger (a good thing btw) from behind the bars. Better to just plant yourself in the middle of your lane and take your time. This one thing should be a mantra for every rider. "every one else on the road wants to kill you" Ride with that though and you should stay safe. Dont take risks, its not a race its a journey Welcome btw
  8. Dont sound good. Full strip down to find the witness marks and go from there or if you only paid pennies buy a second hand engine. Its a case of how far you want to go and how much you are willing to spend. Migh even be worth dropping a cheap clone engine in if all you want is steady a way hacking
  9. For me and her? Nah she will be in Cumbria.
  10. Did the Triumph world record attempt 2016 Sunday an bike seems to be running ok. her indoors not very happy as we ment to be £9.50 sun holiday in Silloth this weekend even have friday and monday off work. She will have great time. See you at the weekend
  11. Not touched the TDR so hope to come on the tiger
  12. news paper has saved me from freezing a few times on long rides that started out nice. half down one thigh half down other
  13. The stock porting on the Athena kit is very tame but I think they did that for a reason so you have plenty of options to tune as you like for your needs. Quality wise I can't fault my. After some light porting work and only twenty or so miles of run it. Bike was ridden hard up an down the land. Never missed a beat. Gear box gave out first.
  14. Hi Jon yeah still here. How is life up in Forfar?
  15. plus two the front and she will fly. You have to get dremel out and shave a bit out the case but worth it
  16. thats ten months away. Photo just taken today. I think this can be done
  17. got to love it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HYYBYGFI8kE sure screams along
  18. I will never forget being sat in the band stand at Stafford and laughing my head of at your story about L plates on a tt. Was a pleasure to met and ride with you OT.
  19. Hi and welcome Sorry you have had this happen to you. Facebook pages/groups in your and further afield that sell bikes and parts. Example https://www.facebook.com/groups/205194656186327/?fref=ts Check gumtree and other similar platforms If you dont have any photos contact the last owner and see if they have. Best of luck
  20. So story goes like this.. Passed my mod 2 1 minor for undue hesitation not like me at all as you know if you have ridden with me Very pleased very happy as you would expect. All the joy of getting a bigger 2 stroke spinning around in my mind. Nice triple or a mental screamer but more important for now burning those L plates that are of great shame to me. Thankfully and i say with behind grinding teeth i haven't yet ridden since passing on the 11th. Why you maybe thinking Thankfully? Well after a urgent message to get in contact asap with the instructor i used sent Friday last. It seems that my Module 1 had expired with my 1st theory November 2012 despite only siting it in March 2012. I have a valid theory certificate as i took another in April this year. Pretty sure it could only happen to me but if you know other wise please share because as it stands i am down a lot of money and have to do it all again from scratch. That said I have been told that a letter is on its way so i hold a very slim hope of a positive outcome. What you reckon? *update* Just had a call from the examiner himself (some very lax data protection somewhere but i will let it slip) I have a free retest for Mod 2 but i have to pass Module 1 again at my own expense. Its all a bit....
  21. Think i might have to pull out of this one and aim for september instead. Its looking like my week for weekends, working it out on the calender. Would rather turn up with my tdr than this lil work hopper cg. Can i get a brakedown of whats going on anyway just in case. Squires friday night camping? Onto where and when? Back to Squires same day or camping elsewhere?
  22. not law but a built in get out of payng a claim clause. Same as if your bike got stolen the night you stayed at a friends but told the insurance you keep the bike at home on a night. robdogs and liars.
  24. haha yeah buy i am sure he would enjoy it. Bit concerned for the dog in the picture like cant see any sort of air flow ?
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