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  1. I'm after engine internals ie main bearings, crank seals, gasket set and piston kit
  2. Have tried honda rs, mtx, ns/nsr ect to no avail it's annoying think I will just stick it in the garage to collect dust for a while
  3. Thanks but unfortunately neither have the honda ls125 listed
  4. Chalkey46

    2002 dt 125

    I know it's an old thread but yes you can fit the yz forks with out much hassle but will need the front wheel, yokes, and brake setup also will need to look into a universal speedo as brackets will need to be modified to hold the speedo and ignition also the yz wheel has no speedo drive but this could also be over come by finding a wrf front wheel with a speedo drive
  5. Hi I'm trying to find out where I can source some parts for a (dare I say it) honda ls125 can't seem to find any new parts anyone have any ideas before I try a main dealer thanks in advance rick
  6. Cheers mate as for inspiration I have no idea just wanted some thing different bit like how they should of been built haha
  7. Had a nice ride out yesterday evening to try and sort out some of the bugs and got the bike plastered at the same time And I can confirm that I cant wait for it to be fully ran in as it's amazing as it is now loving the low down tourqe :-)
  8. Quick video of first start earlier http://s572.photobucket.com/user/r1cky_01/media/Mobile Uploads/20151116_100648_zps9qsflm9n.mp4.html But the first run on the road didn't go as planned low revs up to 1 / 2 throttle it's brilliant but after that it's a spluttery mess so now it's time to get the jetting / needle ect set right
  9. Have you checked the ignition barrel as they have a tendency to vibrate loose
  10. Zeeltronic is what I'm looking into at the moment have actually seen some good improvements on 125cc bikes over stock units but still unsure wether it's worth the money or not to have it fitted to a dtr
  11. Well I thought I may as well beef up the cooling side of things while I'm playing so bagged my self a pair of yz twin alloy rads to fit to the old girl
  12. Ideal thanks for your help
  13. They are supposed to yes but I would remove the expansion chamber and put a finger in the exhaust port to make sure the power valve is in the right position ie smooth to the port as some times they can be 180° out
  14. It's got a hand made custom stainless exhaust plus the 170 kit plus a piper panel filter I've also got 2 5mm reed block spacers to play about with the intake tract ect and boysen dual stage reeds and custom alloy inlet, I've got jets from 210 to 270 so think I will start with a 250 and work from there and just keep playing till I get it right
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