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  1. chris66

    YOC PATCH thankyou

    got mine thanks very much drewpy, does any one know the best way to fix these to leather apart from sewing. chris
  2. chris66

    Best route?

    dave i am mightily impressed that you even consider to take that journey on your 125, i must be getting soft. or you are a biking psycho
  3. chris66

    sunday in church?

    paid, thank you again
  4. chris66

    sunday in church?

    drewpy if anyone fails to pay or you have a spare one could you let me know thanks .chris
  5. i am a dirty old man , mines a 17 year old 1993 L reg
  6. changing one tooth down will in crease acceleration but maybe loose a little top speed depending if your bike could reach the red line in top gear before. the sprocket should have a fail safe on it, most older bikes used to have a large flimsy washer under the nut that you bent up against one of the flats of the nut so it could not undo. not sure on your bike they may have come up with something more technical now but it looks like it dont work to well. chris
  7. work out the cost of repair and take it to him, you never know there are still nice people about.
  8. i think you do have a claim, he should have been indicating right and obviously wasn't as you would have not assumed he was pulling over. so unless you ignored his signal then its his fault. if he was signaling right then im afraid you will have to chalk this up to experience. you could have gone under the car and not be here at all, as for not waring gloves, i no you dont want to here it but your dads right,never ride with no gloves as your hands are your only thing to brake your fall. hope it all works out for you. chris
  9. good luck mike, all i can say is enjoy it and dont rush, it will be all worth it in the end. chris
  10. what effect does your engine cut switch usually have, some bikes do exactly what you describe when on or some just wont start so check the switch . chris
  11. chris66


    i take it this bike will have points. have you checked the adjustment and condition.my brother used to have a fizzy and the points needed adjusting regularly to keep it running well . chris
  12. chris66


    rectifier regulator or wiring going to it, put a voltage tester on the battery with it reving about 4000 revs, it should read 13 to 14 volts. if its still 12 volts then check the wireing to the reg/rec. chris
  13. you probably will have to take the tank off and set up a temporary tank. i use a little tank of a child's pitbike i got off ebay, tape it to the frame. this should allow you access to the adjuster screws with a long flat head screwdriver. you could really use a manual for the location of the blanking bolts,if not they will be between the carb and the engine somewhere. chris
  14. if you have a manual it will describe it properly. you need 6mm adapters that screw in holes in the inlet manifolds or inlet rubbers on each carb you have to take out blanking bolts to screw in the adapters then connect the rubber pipes to the tuner, make sure the bike is normal working temp. there is a screw between one and two adjust this until one and two are sucking equally, rev it and let it settle and recheck. then do three and four, again there is a screw between three and four. finally there is a screw in the middle between two and three, this adjusts the two sets together ie 1&2 with 3&4 until all carbs are sucking the same. some bikes are easier than others. hope this helps, chris
  15. i have found the first sign that the carbs are out of balance is the idle is erratic and wont stay steady, but if you have a carbtune and twenty minutes spare it can't hurt to do them. if you havn't got a set they sell for about £50 on the morgan carb tune website, best tool i have ever bought. chris
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