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    just got my first blue sr125

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    keep tarantulas just starting to ride my bike(late starter)
  1. elmmet

    still here :)

    Hiya it was mod2 i failed on hesitation on slip road, yes sr is still going strong having a few mods done at mo
  2. elmmet

    still here :)

    hiya people im still here just been having a negative brain problem after failing test , not been on poor ittle sr for almost a year failing just got to me real bad.have been customising little sr and will be redoing cbt and getting brain back come spring. don't know if I have been missed but thought I would just let you people know ive not disappeared in the mist:) so heres me signing back in elmmetxx
  3. looking good these old timers deserve a bit of attention happy riding elmmetxx
  4. hi and welcome sr,s are great little bikes:) , all the best with fixing her up and safe riding elmmetxx
  5. the A2 licence as of 19th jan is the middle weight bike licence as in dirtydt's post above( age 19-23) A1 is the 125cc licence (small bike) A is large bikes as in direct access elmmetxx
  6. you can do the other test if you prefer got to do 125 test im 43 cos im too small to manage the bigger bikes have already done mod 1 and failed mod 2 (A2 licence) now get downgraded to a1 licence(125) good luck with yours elmmetxx
  7. elmmet

    Mod 2 and ice

    all the best got my mod 2 next monday 9.30 so fingers crossed elmmetxx
  8. elmmet

    mod 1 site

    i found that was practicing in a much smaller area so test was soooo much easier than expected, all the best for mod 1 elmmetxx
  9. elmmet

    mod 1

    engine died on dual carridgeway doing 60 and they said i was slow haha, yep hill start they stop you up a hill and make you go again going out to practice if i can find hills round where i live elmmetxx
  10. elmmet

    mod 1

    failed mod 2 on hill start and bit on speed but managed to blow training schools bike up on the way back , will rebook and try again elmmet
  11. hi tom and welcome where abouts in beds are you? elmmetxx
  12. elmmet

    mod 1

    thanks everyone mod 2 booked for 8th nov, squires is a bit too far yet maybe one day elmmetxx
  13. elmmet

    mod 1

    passed my mod 1 today yay booked just mod 2 to go elmmetxxx
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