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  1. Good set of luggage, Bippo. I have a soft tail bag which you can borrow if you want. I don't use it as I bought a hard box. Do you have a 12V plug for chargers? These are less than fiver on ebay and you can mount it yourself or ask a friend for help. p.s. If you need a collection of camp sites GPS coordinates, send me p.m. because I cant put the file here.
  2. Spring adventure to Cornwall sounds fantastic. I tried once to go to Scotland on my YBR125. Didn't make it to the end because of the rain and closed roads, but still was a great time. Something to add to the preparation list - clean/wash or replace the air filter before you set off. Water tight bags - big and small can come handy. It's great to have some dry underware when (if) you are soaked. What type luggage do you plan to use - top box or tail bag?
  3. I would suggest practicing on a roundabout with not too much trafic. Make a full circle and leave the roundabout as fase as you feel safe. I bet after a few rounds you'll be a lot faster than you think.
  4. Here is what I've got as my first big bike: It came with set of vario luggage set and never did less than 65 mpg (80+ mpg on the motorway). I bet as raliability it beats almost every Japanese bike. And you can find twinspark models for less than £2K. Only 2 or 3 colous though, and I don't like the light blue. The real choiche was between red and yellow. Regards G. p.s. Restriction kit can be found for £20 (used) if you ask the right people and is very easy to mount ...they say.
  5. As a new biker I'm curious to know what is the usual fuel consumption of the bikes mentioned above. Hope you wouldn't mind to share your experience.
  6. BMW F650GS or even Dakar will fit to your size. ...And they usually come with some extras included
  7. Georgiev

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    nice one thanks Paul
  8. ...And the taxi is LADA 2105 (or eventually 2107). The picture has been taken somewhere in Eastern Europe.
  9. Hi Lee, In your situation I would drain the oil and open the case for cleaning and check for damaged parts. cheers Georgi
  10. Hi Tom Here is a detailed view of the bike's tail. I fitted the velcro strap under the luggage rack. It's probably not as good as under the seat, but seemed to me sufficient. You can see the fitting points I have used to hook the bungees. These side rails look like standard part of the bike I wander why they are missing on your bike. I suppose you can mount the bag to the tail luggage rack only. However, I sold my YBR and can't take a close look for possible mounting points. Regards Georgi
  11. Georgiev

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    Not yet, just 60 miles on the motorway. I still have to get used to the bike.
  12. Georgiev

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    Thanks guys, I'm already on board. Got my bike 2 days ago. ... Not Yamaha though. I really like XT660z Tenere the 2008 model, but sadly it's beyond my budget. I got a BMW F650GS. I sold my YBR so I'm not Yamaha owner anymore. Hope you don't mind if I keep reading/writing in the forum.
  13. One F650GS Dakar is posted for sale here . Just a bit more than your budget...try to negotiate something. Good luck.
  14. Hi, I changed the front sprocket on my YBR125 to 13 T last year. The positive effect was significant increase in the torque in 5-th gear - in my case (88 kg body mass, my self only ) this means successful slow acceleration even when the road goes a bit up hill. Negative effect - no more than 65 mph before reaching the red zone. It is still not safe to overtake vehicles running with more than 45-50 mph. Just not quick enough acceleration to feel safe. Georgi
  15. Georgiev

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    Thanks Paul. neversayday: It was Direct Access, but the question was if it is legal to ride bigger bike before receiving the driving license back from DVLA.
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