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  1. Hi all New to this site and new to the restoration lark. Ive just bought myself an XT 250 which for years has been used as a feild bike. my first thing to do was send off for the V5, all I had though was the frame number 3Y301..... is this enough? I havent a clue about what the reg ever was but I was hoping DVLA would tell me this. dont know if i should have had the full VIN but I dont have it!! Second thing was taking it appart. Very easy I must say. But... revealed lots of horrors on the way. Wheels are battered but I`m sure can be made good, repaint hubs, new bearings, spokes pads etc. air box is a gonner, but thats no problem as I`m going with the K&N look. Tank is a gonner. Forks and yokes ready for a refurb. Bars will be replaced with nice new Renthals levers and the less switches the better. All i want is front and back light no indicators, so high low beam, horn, kill switch, key, done! new mono shock needed £295 . Frame is needing a small amount of welding on the rear webs just under the seat, think ill put full new webs in so to get rid of unwanted holes, engine mount is missing on the bottom but a real quick fix, powder coating and new stearing bearings. swing arm, again remove any unwanted bolt holes like rear pegs and back chain guard for a cleaner look, new silver powder coating, done. seat needs replacing or maybe just a recover and reworking of fixing arrangement as the lugs are missing, we will see. ENGINE!!! good god where do i start long list of things needed mainly crank case piston and barrel and carb and con rod and a gear or two. replacement engine would be easier but i would like to do it all from spares if possible. how it ever ran i just do not know...but it did.... and from a very light kick at that... gaskets hanging out and all sorts. lots and lots to do and quite looking forward to it. if there is anyone who has any spare parts or spare advice then it would be very very welcome as i crack on with the repairs and things i will get photos and post them on here for you all to laugh at. Wish me luck! Mike
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