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  1. F6mark


    Thank you Neo it looks like that’s from an earlier model as that adjustment is hidden behind a frame but the set up is similar so I’ll give it a go at the weekend. I assume it’s not rocket science so well within my capabilities great stuff Neo and thanks again
  2. F6mark


    Ok thanks for the advice i’m 5ft11 so I wouldn’t say I was too big for the bike and my riding position feels natural, on my previous bike I could hover my foot over the pedal but still had some clearance as well as my foot at rest so in an emergency there’s no hesitation, the added time taken to apply the brake is somewhat disconcerting. I have emailed Yamaha but by they’re response I don’t think they’re interested, I’ve also emailed the dealer but not had a response. I can live with it but it’s just a bit annoying. Anyway thanks for the input
  3. F6mark


    I recently purchased the YZF R125 60th anniversary edition in February and very pleased with it except for the annoying rear brake pedal, for me I find it is set too high as I have to lift my foot and swing it over to operate it, in an emergency this may be an issue, all my previous bikes this was not a problem as I could comfortably hover my foot over it so it’s ready to operate in any circumstance.Is there a modification or an adjustment that could be made to bring the pedal down another 25mm?Your advice or help with this would be appreciated.
  4. Thanks Mike already been there, bikeinsurer comparison site put me onto bikesure but as my bike ain’t listed it was cough up loads or not at all!
  5. Thanks Jimmy I am with bikesure atm but you wouldn’t believe how much they’re charging me for insurance!
  6. Hi all Can we not put the above bike on the listings? Ta
  7. Hi everyone Just purchased the YZF r125 60th anniversary edition and trying to find insurance for it, unfortunately it's not listed as yet and had to go with a special policy for which they've really turned me over for! So I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problem and if they'd managed to sort it out. Any help would be appreciated
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